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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Town and Country Quilters November Club Night

It was another quite low attendance again this month, maybe those torrential downpours in the early evening put some members off attending.  A shame really, as we had a very interesting night. The Challenge quilts were on display, and they all looked wonderful.  The brief was to make a quilt in shades of black, white and yellow, showing something of the area we live in.  These were judged by Camilla Watson, who explained the judging criteria she used.  First place went to Lyn Burnham, whose little quilt showed the market gardening side of our region.

PB120005  Challenge quilts on display

PB1200041st place went to Horowhenua – a growing community

Then the members got a chance to vote, with the top three quilts being shown at Symposium in January, together with three challenge quilts selected by the other participating clubs.  These three quilts are:  Lyn Burnham’s, as shown above, Balloons over Levin, by Luchelle Cotterell, and the fun and quirky Smoochie No 1 Cow by Helen Cole.  Congratulations to everyone who took part, the quilts were amazing.

PB120003 Smoochie No 1 Cow by Helen Cole

Show and Tell was a little light this time around, although Heather’s quilts for Ronald McDonald House made quite an impact as they were held up on stage.

PB120006 Heather’s quilts for Ronald McDonald House

And another group offering was bags made at a recent class with Luchelle Cotterell – every one different, and don’t they look nice!

PB120008 From a recent bag class

A request was made for our members to help with making soft  heart shaped cushions for patients to use under their arm after undergoing breast surgery.  Patterns were provided, and we were asked to use only pink fabric.  Many of us decided to help out for this excellent cause, and collected the pattern to take home.  Another bit of homework was to take  home a couple of Christmas tree decorations, all cut out so we just need to stitch them together, and not to forget to bring the finished items back next month.

Another interesting club night, just one more to go this year.  Thanks to Leigh for bringing along her surplus lemons to share, I took some home and I’m sure other ladies did too.


Nancy J said...

Lovely night out Jenny, and the quilts look great. The heart cushions, mini ones, sound like they will be in good use too, have they asked for drain bottle bags? A bit like a wine bottle holder, adjustable strap, and firm base? A friend makes some for cardiac patients at North Shore Hospital, lime green, and material like parka nylon so they can be washed easily ,Cool here again tonight. Jean.

Rieann said...

Having recently had breast surgery, I was given a Zonta cushion which is shaped like a neck pillow but with a handle so it can go over the shoulder and this has been such a source of comfort to me, especially used in the car to cushion the seat belt.
please could you put the pattern for the heart shaped pillow up on your blog as I can see that being very useful too, especially for sleeping. Many thanks.

Jenny said...

I will be happy to pass on the pattern for the heart shaped pillow if anyone would like to make one. Please contact me if you woulds like a copy.