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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ladies who Lunch

The Christmas break-ups are starting to come thick and fast – after all, it’s that time of the year.  Today was the turn of the Coffee Club, a ladies support group run by the Cancer Society.  I hadn’t been able to attend as many meetings as I would have liked this year, but was determined to go to this final meeting of the year, a lunch out at the Winemaker’s Daughter.  About 25 of us pooled cars and drove down SH1 to Te Horo.  We settled ourselves down at the tables and were kept busy pulling the Christmas Crackers, reading out the corny jokes, and making sure our Christmas hats were on straight.  Then we got down to the serious business of checking out the menu.

There was a surprise in store for us all when Anne, the leader of our group announced that the Coffee Club would cover the cost of the $10 main courses, with funds raised during the year.  Drinks, tea or coffee,  and dessert would be at our own cost.  The $10 menu had plenty for everyone to choose from, and I decided on corn fritters, potatoe  wedges and salad, as did several others on my table.

PB250007 Not bad for $10.00

We had all been asked to take along a wrapped gift and we chose one from the big green bag which was passed around the tables.  All sorts of interesting gifts were unwrapped.  I received a pretty candle, and I noticed others unwrapping chocolates, always well received, a lovely box of Turkish Delight, toiletries, notebooks and a Christmas tree decoration or two. 

After we had finished our meals, drunk a coffee or two, and caught up with what the other tables were getting up to, Anne had an announcement to make.  “My gift to you all”, she said, “is a mini Christmas Cake”  What a lovely thing to do.  She came around each table with her basket of beautifully wrapped, home baked mini cakes.

PB250008 Anne presenting us all with a mini Christmas cake

Just before we left, Margaret, one of the volunteer helpers  wanted Anne and the committee to be thanked before we all dispersed.  “Will you do it?”, she asked me.  Why not – guess I can be brave enough to stand up in front of everyone for a good cause.  So I grabbed a spoon and ding, ding, dinged on the water jug to get everyone to stop talking.  Then on behalf of everyone present  I thanked Anne and her helpers for all the work they had done for us during the year.  They put in many hours of voluntary work for the Cancer Society Coffee Club and it is most appreciated.  We ladies had a most enjoyable lunch.  

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