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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Remember the 70s?

Recently we visited the Dowse Art Museum to see “The Age of Aquarius – a 1970s Revolution in Fashion”.  The garments brought back memories and made us smile.  In the 70s I wasn’t much of a fashionista myself.  With two young children and a full time job my life was busy just keeping going, so there wasn’t much spare time or cash to keep with with the fashion trends.   I did have a peasant blouse though, rather like the one on the mannequin,  but would not have dreamed of wearing a leather mini skirt.

PB260027Casual wear from the 70s

Remember when trouser suits came along?  Yes, I had a couple of these.  However, it took me a long time to feel comfortable wearing a trouser suit to work, working as I did in an office environment.  It was dresses, jackets, stockings and heels back then.  Things are certainly different these days, aren’t they?   Not sure about that lime green little number though.


Denim dungarees were not my thing, but those denim bags would not look out of place today.

PB260033 Denim dungarees and satchels

The men weren’t left out of the fashion stakes either, I can remember those close fitting lightweight knit shirts.  And just look at the size of the collar!

PB260022 Men’s clothing in the height of fashion

As we looked around the displays, we decided that some of the clothes shown could still be worn today.  Such as these two outfits, they don’t look too dated, do they?

PB260026 Lurex shirt with long skirt and evening dress

It was fun to reminisce and look back.  Some of the garments on show were from well known designers, while others were from trendy small boutiques, both out of my price range.  I was probably still sewing my own clothes, along with garments for my children, back then. 


Nancy J said...

Lovely nostalgia, but a store bought dress? I,too, made all our own clothes, and for Hugh ,work shirts and shorts as well.Those were the days when we probably did that as part of our normal day. Lovely to share, Jenny, thanks for the journey. Jean.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

That bought back memories. I made myself denim dungarees. They had a zip closed pocket on the bib with a large red apple motif! I thought i was just the chick!

Schulz Family said...

Merry Christmas to you too. Loving your blog with caravan travels and this one too. Love the 70's!!