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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sew Wots Christmas Lunch

What nicer way for the Sew Wots to finish off our fortnightly meetings for the year enjoying a nice lunch out together.  We met at the Salt and Pepper Cafe and looked around the garden gift shop before going into the cafe and sit down at our table.  There was plenty of choice on the menu and after a bit of indecision on my part, I finally made up my mind.  How does  “Black Pudding Stack” sound?  It was so tasty – layers of crisply cooked black pudding and bacon on a layer of sautéed potatoes, and topped with an egg and hollandaise sauce! 

PC080009 The Sew Wots ready to eat their lunches

Earlier in the year Mary had set everyone a challenge. We drew a name out of the hat and had to make a little something for our person.  The criteria was that it had to have a straight edge at the top, be about twelve inches wide, and be embellished with a little bling.  And of course, we had to keep our creations secret till the end of the year.  Mary gathered up the Christmas gifts and proceeded to give them out, one by one.

PC080013 Mary with all the goodies

And one by one, we opened our parcels, exclaiming in delight, before passing each gift around the table so that everyone could have a closer look.  It was exciting to see all the different ideas that everyone came up with.  A few had strayed a little from the instructions, but that didn’t matter in the least, all the gifts were just stunning.  It shows what a lot of thought and effort had gone into these gifts.  Want to see what we all received?

The pretty floral and butterfly appliqué wall-hanging was my gift, made by Pam.  I love it -  it is so pretty!  Pam added an organza overlay over the appliqué, and two sparkly butterflies on the top panel for a bit of bling.  Rae made the yo-yo Christmas Tree for Mary, adding lots of gold beads and sequins.  Just love those rich dark shades of red and green fabrics she used.

PC080016 My gift and Mary’s

Next were  these two beautiful little works of art.  Moira’s gift made by Paula featured fabric paints and Paula’s trademark exquisite machine embroidery.  Moira’s choice for Paula was in a similar style of “soft and pretty”.  Moira stitched an assortment of lace fabrics around the picture of the vintage lady.   Both are really lovely and we looked carefully at all the details as we passed them around the table.

PC080017 For Moira and Paula

Such a lot of variety in the next three gifts.  Helen’s gift made by Heather was a cute little “Retro Chic” handbag wall-hanging, embellished with gold beads and buttons and finished off with tiny little prairie points around the edges.  The colours all work so well together.  Pam’s gift from Mary was a pretty little stocking – embroidered with the words “Gems are precious but friends are priceless“.  Mary added pretty lace to the heel and toe, lace flowers and beads.  Heather loves her cups of coffee so now she has her very own coffee mug rug to rest her beverage on, or she may prefer to hang it on the kitchen wall to admire while she is brewing up her coffee pot.  This clever little design was made by Helen, and she even added in some steam.

PC080018For Helen, Mary and Heather

I got to make something for Rae, who kindly introduced me to the Sew Wot girls.  After putting my thinking cap on for a while, I decided to make a line of sewing inspired bunting for Rae to hang in her sewing room.  Based on the designs from “Stitching Alphabet” by the very talented Michelle Ridgeway, I added some sewing charms such as scissors, a needle, buttons and tape measure bow.  I’ll let you into a secret – I’d never made bunting before, so I made it up as I went along!

PC080019 My gift to Rae

Didn’t we all do well?  The ideas and variety was just amazing, so we can all feel very pleased with ourselves.  A special thank you must go to Mary for setting us the challenge, and thanks also for all the Sew Wot members for a year of stitching and friendship.  And not forgetting  those wonderful morning teas that we have all enjoyed over the year too!

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Kate said...

Such lovely gifts were exchanged - there's a lot of talent in your group. Your menu choice sounds divine. :)