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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Thank You

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful quilters and crafters out there, followers, readers and fellow bloggers.  And thank you all who sent messages of condolences for Robin after the passing of his Mum, it is much appreciated.

We are currently camping at Foxton Beach and enjoyed a bit of “time out”  today from the stresses and strains of making funeral arrangements.  Luckily Santa found us and dropped some pressies off for us.  A new sports book for Robin and, just what I really wanted, some of those handy fat quarter bags to store my fabric in.  We got all sorts of goodies from my daughter and her family, including this lovely little hamper from grand-daughter Megan with all sorts of yummy things to eat tucked inside.  And lots of chocolate too.  Of course we love it, but do we really need it?  Probably not – but it would be rude to ignore such thoughtfulness from those who bought it, wouldn’t it?

PC250025 Gift basket from Megan

Daughter Nicky bought us both a pair of special socks each, marketed as Caravan Bed Socks.  They will be just the thing when we are camping off power in the middle of winter with no electric blanket to warm the bed.

PC250017 New socks for Christmas

I’d been saving a couple of small parcels sent over from two of my quilting pen-friends, and eagerly opened them up this morning.  Glennis lives in the UK and sent me a lovely tea towel from Sally Lunn’s, the world famous bakery and cafe in Bath.  This was on our “must see” list on our visit to England, and we enjoyed our lunch there, served by a “wench” in period costume.  Glennis also sent me the cutest little sewing ornament, made from a wooden cotton reel and embellished with all sorts of sewing charms . 

 PC250021 From Glennis in UK

My other parcel was from Carol in South Dakota, who sent me 5 cards of little buttons with a sewing theme, and the sewing brooch.  The brooch will be just right to wear at Quilt Club nights.   Daughter Nicky gave me a pretty little pack of quilt themed note cards.

PC250018 From Nicky and Carol

We had a very laid back Christmas Day indeed, a lovely Summer’s day spent in the company of fellow campers.  First up was our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of croissants with slices of the Christmas ham, topped with cheese, and warmed through in the oven until the cheese bubbles and melts.  It seemed that no sooner was breakfast over than we were preparing for lunch.  There were Jo Seager’s famous chicken and bacon roll-ups sizzling away on the BBQ outside, while I cooked up Jersey Benne potatoes, fresh peas (all podded by Robin)  and fresh asparagus.  The campers all ate together in the hall, and then we shared desserts.  My contribution for dessert was fruit and marshmallow skewers.  We toasted each other’s health with a glass of bubbly, pulled crackers, read silly jokes with our party hats firmly in place.  After our big lunch we had to come back to the caravan for a little lie down to recuperate!

PC250028 Ready for our shared dessert

PC250024 Its been a big day

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day in the company of family, friends and loved ones.


Kate said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and a nice break. :)

Katie said...

I had to laugh! We just got up from a two-hour Christmas nap. It wears one out, doesn’t it.

The Tramp made us bacon and egg pie for breakfast, something i’d never had before. Yum!