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Saturday, January 5, 2013


I’ve decided to join in the “Scatterday” blog posts organised by Cinzia – my first time so I do hope I’ve read the instructions correctly.  What we have to do is find and upload photos in four categories all starting with “W”, expensive, exciting, music, and, for something quilting, a WIP.  So here goes – this is my selection.

Expensive – White Christmas:  Living down here in the Southern Hemisphere and celebrating Christmas in the summer,  it would be lovely to experience a white Christmas one year.  But that would entail a very expensive trip to Europe, no doubt.

White ChristmasWhite Christmas

Exciting – Workmen:  It is certainly exciting seeing the builders working away on our new home!

DSCF3697 Hosing down the concrete floor

Music – While my Guitar Gently Weeps:  A beautiful sad song written by George Harrison, on a CD full of interesting music.  I’m a real sentimentalist and just love sad songs.

DSCF3840 While my Guitar Gently Weeps CD

WIP Work in Progress:  Well, where shall I start?  How about this one? I did the hand stitched floral blocks from Alex Anderson patterns while travelling around in our caravan.  Next step was making the nine patch filler blocks.  And here it has stopped.  I need to design some sort of border to finish it off.

DSCF6697 One of my many WIPs

So that is my first Scatterday contribution.  Must go and check out the others who are taking part.


Linda H. said...

Your first Scatterdays is nicely done! I hope you'll check out mine tomorrow (It's Friday here!). Linda

Daphne Greig said...

Your WIP quilt is beautiful. How about 'no border'. I've seen lots of modern quilts done that way recently.

Ozjane said...

Yes a white Christmas would be lovely to see but my body could only take business class and best and would cope even better with first class so that puts it well into the dreams least likely or needed to be fulfilled category.
Like your WIP

Sue said...

I wonder if we will see some more of your new home in future scatterday challenges?

cinzia said...

I love your choice in music. Well done for your first post.

Nancy J said...

Lovely scatterday pics Jenny, I am sure the one you like best is a new concrete floor!!! Cheers from Jean

Vireya said...

Great W collection!

A white Christmas would be a nice experience, but yes, way too expensive.

Joy V said...

Great set of photos for this week Jenny. Love your idea with White Christmas - that's thinking outside the box..

jacaranda said...

I would love a white Christmas, going to all the Christmas markets in Germany is on my bucket list.
Great photos.

Julie said...

Love you choices for your first Scatterday's blog post.

Liz Needle said...

Great photos and such a pretty quilt.