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Monday, January 28, 2013

How could I forget?

Caravan safari or not, the laundry still needs doing.  We are currently camping at “Rawhide”, a lovely rural property at the tiny village of Kakahi, 8kms or so from  Taumarunui, and my laundry bag was full.  Luckily, we knew there was a Laundromat in town.  So I gathered up the cell phones, my camera, the supermarket shopping list, and my tin of $1 and $2 coins, and off we went.  About half way through the journey, I suddenly turned around and glanced over at the back seat.  Oh no – the laundry bag was not there!  With one thing and another, I’d forgotten to put it in the car!

You can imagine Robin’s response and he turned the car around and we headed back to camp.  With the bulging bag of laundry firmly in place on the back seat, we drove back to the Laundromat.  Now really – everyone gets forgetful occasionally, don’t they?  However, with my reputation for having a bit of a laundry fetish, it’s hard to live down.  But it certainly gave our fellow campers a laugh when they found out.
With the washing cycle completed, the groceries purchased, and no further mishaps, we drove back to camp.  Robin erected a clothes line, and I happily pegged it all out in the sunshine.  Happiness is clean laundry – I always say.

DSCF4191Drying in the sunny breeze

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MrsC (Maryanne) said...

I hope the novelty of using laundromats hasn't worn off yet! :)