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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Op Shop Givenchy

I’m not much of an Op Shop shopper, I have to say.  But we are travelling around with our caravan friends and they were most insistent.  “You must stop at the Op Shop in Patea”, we were told.  With several large caravans and tow cars parked up in the main street, there wasn’t much room left.  Checking out the various table clothes and doileys I spotted a length of very dark folded fabric with the famous name Givenchy printed all over it.  Wonder what that is, I thought to myself.  It turned out to be a printed apron panel.  I’m such a messy cook, I  always wear aprons, so that will certainly do me.  And at only $2 it was a bargain.  I’ll stitch it up when we get into our new home and the sewing machine finally gets taken out of storage.

DSCF4009 My Givenchy apron panel

Patea is well known for the Maori canoe feature in the centre of town.  This commemorates the story of Turi and his people who travelled out from Hawaiki and settled in this area.

DSCF3999 Turi and his people on their canoe

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1 comment:

Bev C said...

Hello Jenny,

A great pick up from the op-shop. I do a lot of shopping from them, you never no what surprises are waiting for you. Hope the home building is progressing well.

Happy days.