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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cats are smarter than Cows

There’s no doubt about it - our cat Muffy certainly is smarter than the average cow!  And here’s the proof.  We are currently enjoying a caravan safari with a group of friends, and have been staying at Ohakune at the Waimarino Golf Club grounds.  With power, toilets and shower, and fresh water available, it is a great place to stay.  And with a view like this, what could be better?

DSCF4231 Mt Ruapehu looks down over Ohakune

The weather has been gloriously hot, and Muffy has been doing nothing but sleep all day.  Last night, in the cool of the evening, Robin hooked Muffy’s lead onto her little pink harness  and took her out for a walk down to the gate.  There they came across a cattle stop, used on rural properties throughout the country to keep stock at bay.  Our clever cat checked it out, then carefully placed one dainty paw  after another, and walked across.  A cow can’t do that!  And for those readers who may not know what a cattle stop is, it is made up of steel bars placed over pit, and looks like this.

DSCF4251 The cattle stop

Muffy is back, doing what she does best, having yet another snooze.  It’s a hard life being on a caravan holiday!



MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Love it!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Cats smarter than cows? I knew that! Lovely story



Katie said...

I know lots of people who wouldn't want to walk on that! :-)

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies.
Muffy may be an old girl, but she still has her wits about her!