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Friday, January 18, 2013

Scatterdays - R

It’s Scatterdays time again – featuring the letter “R”.  The categories are mammal, technology, transportation, and something red from my sewing room.

Mammal – Red Panda: Wellington Zoo was offering a special deal of $5 entry each Wednesday during August last year.  A pleasant way to spend the day, we thought, so we made a picnic lunch and drove into the city. Lucky for us that the popular red pandas are  active in the afternoon as we were quite keen to catch a glimpse of these pretty little animals.  The red panda was first discovered by Western explorers in 1821, and their Chinese name is “hunho”, meaning fire-fox, due to their colouring and similar size to a fox.  These little animals were real crowd pleasers as they climbed in the trees and walked a circuit around the pathways.

DSCF2632 Red Panda at Wellington Zoo

Technology – Router:  We need one of these little units for the lap top.  I was not too sure exactly what they do but according to my clever DH it directs the internet traffic between the computer and the network.
 DSCF3901 Router

Transport – Romany Rambler:  To be completely honest, we transport our caravan ”Romany Rambler” behind our 4WD.  (But it still comes under T for transport, don’t you think?).  We have a New Zealand built “Leisureline” caravan and have been fortunate to have travelled over much of New Zealand.  And we are currently living in the caravan while our new home is being built.  We named our caravan Romany Rambler because I can boast a Romany Gypsy way back in my family. My Great, great, great Grandfather Robert Beresford was a gypsy. I can just imagine this dark handsome stranger sweeping my G,G,G, Grandmother off her feet.

DSCF1512  Romany Rambler behind the pub at Canvastown

Something Red – Red Work Santa:   I stitched my Red Work Santa in 2002 (didn’t realise he was so old), and he hangs in the caravan over Christmas.  I quite enjoy doing this type of naive embroidery, using Perle thread and a thick needle, seems to suit my not so dainty hands much better.

DSCF2395 Red Work Santa

Must go and check what the other participants have come up with.  You can find them here on the sidebar of the organiser's Cinzia’s blog.


Vireya said...

Great "R" selection!

Love your red panda. At Melbourne Zoo once I heard a guy say, "Look! A fox-possum!" so that's what I always call them now.

jacaranda said...

Saw on Scquilters that you were off away again and posted early. Great photos Jenny, have a great time away with your caravan. Travel safe.

Joy V said...

Well done Jenny - love the Red Panda. Of course you can have poetic licence and have the Romany Rambler for transport! I think Cinzia's idea was that we be 'creative' also.

Liz Needle said...

Excellent set of 'Rs', Jenny. I do like the name you have given your caravan. How exciting to have a dark, mysterious gypsy as an ancestor. Do you have any family legends about him?

cinzia said...

Love them..particularly the rambler. Mind you I would go berserk living in such a confined space. Good luck with the renovations

Ros said...

Loved your choice of R's . Have a great trip lucky lady

Sue said...

Have fun in the Romany Rambler, loved your R photos. Red Pandas are the cutest things.

Susan Korrel said...

A lovely set of Rs.

Linda H. said...

Good photos! It's so nice to see your part of the world. Your travel home makes for such an interesting lifestyle. It's hard to imagine living in it, for so long as you have been. I bet you're anxious to see your house finished!

Julie said...

Love the Red Panda, very cute indeed! Probably the only down side to caravanning...... laundromats!!