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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It’s busy at the Laundrette

I’d done a load of washing and hung it out in the afternoon.  But I soon had to gather it in, still wet, as the rain came down.  With heavy rain overnight, and even more the next morning, there didn’t seem much chance of getting it dry outside.  We needed to make a trip to the laundrette.  And what a busy place it was.  I found an empty drier and in went the clothes.  Round and round they tumbled – it all seemed rather hypnotic to me. 

DSCF3909Round and round it goes

Everyone was very friendly as we all attended to “woman’s work”.  One lady was using several driers at once to get her washing dry.  She had five grand-daughters at home, she said, and always had lots of laundry to do.  This is a Key Laundrette, where you purchase a small plastic key, load it with money, then insert it into the machines.  Another lady offered me her key, still with several dollars left on it, as she was leaving town and had no further use for it.  That was certainly very kind, I thought.

DSCF3912 My laundry keys

As I waited for Robin to return with the car, a whole group of ladies entered, all laden down with big bags of clothes.  There was much hugging and greetings going on between them all, so it looked like they all planned to meet and attend to their laundry at the same time.  It certainly was a busy place.

Today, wouldn’t you know,  it is fine and sunny, with a gentle breeze, just right for hanging the washing outside on the clothesline.   So I gathered up yet another load,  put it through the washing machine, and pegged it on the clothesline  to dry.  In my book, happiness is clean laundry!


Nancy J said...

Jenny, I decided many,many years ago, I would not make a career woman, as one of my joys is to bring in the washing, dried by the sun and wind, fold it, and have it all put away the same day, yes happiness is laundry all done. Cheers from Jean.p.s. I do like your roof line, looking as though progress is going very well.

Jenny said...

Yes indeed, I rather like doing the washing, and the ironing too! Mind you, I'm not doing any ironing while we are currently living in the caravan, things just get folded and put away, or hung up and squashed into the tiny wardrobe.
My standards will improve when we get into the house, clothes will certainly get ironed then. And quilting fabric too!

Linda H. said...

I can't recall the last time I went to a laundromat! Hmm, maybe when I washed an oversized sleeping bag, perhaps 20 years ago. I really wish we were permitted to hang laundry outdoors on a clothesline. I miss that.