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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ooops, the castor’s broken

How did that happen, one of the castors has come adrift on my sewing cabinet!  Guess it’s probably all down to wear and tear.  Every time I want to sew, my sewing cabinet has to be moved out of the corner of the dining room to be opened up.  The cabinet is very heavy to move - it doesn’t help that my Bernina  machine weighs a ton, and I probably have too much “stuff” in the drawers as well.

Robin unscrewed the offending castor and we took it when we visited the hardware shop looking for a replacement so we would get the right size.  And did we?  No, not quite, but close enough, he thought.  They came in a pack of two, so both he decided it was just as easy to replace both on that side.  My cabinet had to be turned up on it’s side for the repair work to take place, and that was easier said than done.  And then Robin discovered that the plates on the new castors are slightly larger than the originals – which means that the existing screw holes don’t match up.  Never mind  - he has the technology, he told me, and out came his trusty drill to make new holes.

DSCF1906  Replacing the castors

He worked diligently away and soon the job was completed.  The cabinet was put back down the right way, my sewing machine tucked away inside, all ready for my next machining session.

DSCF1908 All fixed

Robin deserved some morning tea after doing that little job for me.  And perhaps I should sort out what exactly I have tucked away in the drawers, to try and reduce some of the weight in the cabinet.  


Nancy J said...

Is it time for a new, bigger, stronger cabinet? Or will the current one last for a while yet? The bird? Eagle? in your beautiful wall hanging seems to hover above the background fabric.Cheers from Jean

Jenny said...

No, it's not an eagle, it is a New Zealand Kea.

Linda said...

Those projects inevitably turn out to be more work than expected. How nice to have a handyman in the house who could fix it fairly quickly.

Lis said...

We are both so blessed to have beloveds who are handy in situations like this :-)