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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Zealand themed cushion

Our friends Geoff and Pauline are keen caravanners, just like us, and joined us earlier in the year on our 3 month South Island Odyssey trip.  They had to cut their holiday trip a little short as Pauline had a date with a surgeon, to get a hip replacement.   I stitched her a “Get Well” gift of a New Zealand themed cushion, and we delivered it to her yesterday.  Made from a fat quarter of New Zealand fabric printed with flax, trees, and ferns, I machine quilted around the border of each individual design.
DSCF1949 Pauline’s new cushion

Now sporting a new hip, Pauline is moving around very well with the aid of her crutches.  She has to be careful to take things easy in these early days, and not overdo things, not an easy task for someone with Pauline’s energy.  The cushion was made for for their caravan, so we braved the showers, walked outside, and placed the new cushion on the couch of the caravan.

DSCF1964 Pauline and her new cushion

DSCF1977 At home in their caravan

I knew Pauline wasn’t a quilter, so I was surprised when she told me that she had made a tee-shirt quilt.  Pauline was a keen runner and walker, and the highlight of her competitions was taking part in (and completing) a marathon.  Her marathon days are behind her now, she says, but as soon as her hip is healed and she gets the OK from the surgeon, there will be no stopping her from resuming her walking. The printed tee shirt fronts had been stitched on to a blue background fabric, she has used polar fleece as a backing, and bound it all with wide satin ribbon.  Not bad for a first effort!

DSCF1975Pauline’s tee shirt quilt


Maria said...

What a beautiful cushion you made for your friend Pauline. It looks great in the van.
WOW wonderful T-Shirt quilt Pauline made as her first quilt.

Linda said...

What a pretty pillow! Love that fabric. I also noted your friend had a hip replacement... and that she was formerly a marathon runner. Well, I never ran a marathon, but I sure did a LOT of running in my 30s and 40s. I completely regret it now as I too need a hip replacement. I'm 59. Wish I had never run. I did it only for weight control, not because I ever enjoyed it. Dumb me.