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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back with the Stonestead girls again

It hardly seems two weeks, but here it is again, time for the Stonestead Stitchers get-together again.  But first I called in to see Yvonne next door at Sawmillers Quiltery.  Bailey and Poppy were there to keep an eye on who was coming into the shop.  They looked so cute, all cuddled up together on a chilly morning.  That’s Bailey on the top layer, little Poppy is all cuddled up on the bottom of the basket.

DSCF2019 Bailey and Poppy at Sawmillers Quiltery

There was a nice little group there today, all very busy, and talkative too, as usual, and all doing different things.  It’s a long time since I’ve made a stained glass quilt, and I would probably have trouble remembering how to go about it these days.  Not so for Dorothy, she has not long finished a class on her lovely Iris stained glass wall hanging and brought it along to show us all.  With just the binding and hanging sleeve to stitch down, it is almost finished.  No, she doesn’t want to be seen, she told me, as she hid her face behind the quilt.  Hasn’t she done a lovely job?

DSCF2022 Stained glass quilt

Ruth had brought along photos of a group project that she took part in with the Upper Hutt Embroiderers Guild.  Thirty ladies took part, and they were each given a photo of part of a larger picture to embroider, then all the parts were stitched back together.  Hope I’m making sense here and that you can visualise what I’m trying to get across.  The scene seems to be local, Ruth thinks, and the finished project will be taken and displayed at the upcoming Guild Conference to be held in Nelson.  Apologies for my photo, as I couldn’t get away from the overhead lights.  Ruth’s piece is the top photo, and the bottom photo shows all the different segments stitched together. 

DSCF2028 Embroidered native scene

Vicki Ann makes cards, and she has a very impressive folder with photos of all the cards and boxes she has made.  She is going to give  Carol some “one on one tuition” to help her complete her baby card that she is making, with the pretty pink cross stitch panel that she has made to go in it. Perhaps we will get to see Carol’s finished card next time?

DSCF2025 Vicki Ann’s folder of cards

Making bags has been taking up a fair bit of Caroline’s time lately.  She is planning an overseas trip and is taking some of these lovely bags along as gifts, some with a New Zealand theme too.  The sheep bag really has a Kiwi flavour, and the bunch of green fabric featuring kiwi fruit is next in line to be turned into another bag too.
DSCF2024 Caroline and her lovely bags
Cheryl is always busy and has many projects on the go.  She brought along a few more stuffed animals to show us, a .lion, a mouse, and no, not a rhino she said, its a dinosaur.  These animals will be tucked away in her “granny box” till they are required sometime in the future.  She also brought along a quilt top made in a recent Kathy Doughty class.   It starts off with a square block in the centre, then seems to go around and around in a spiral.  Quite an interesting design, I thought.
DSCF2030 Cheryl with some more animals
 DSCF2031Cheryl’s quilt top made in a class

As for me, I spent most of my time stitching away at a label, can’t show it yet as it’s for a yet to be given gift.  It was nice to catch up with the ladies again, and spend a few hours in their company.  We all enjoyed our “Devonshire Teas” for lunch too, hand delivered up the stairs by Kevin.

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Isn't it lovely to have some good stitching pals? We love our little in house group.