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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Stitching Monday Get-together

Another grey day, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the ladies gathered together for another “Stitching Monday”.  We had plenty to keep us busy, there was lots of chatter going on, and not forgetting the “show and tell”.  Joyce was first with that and once she had finished stitching the binding down, held up her new quilt for us to see.  The Drunkard’s Path block was made in florals and cream, and put together in the Love Ring design.  Joyce has named this quilt “Merrily around the Garden Path”, and it will be gracing the spare bedroom.  The quilt started with 46 of the blocks being made for Joyce by members of the Friday Stitchers group, then Joyce set to and made about another 280 blocks to complete the quilt.

DSCF1936 “Merrily around the Garden Path” held up by Joyce

Pamela had recently made one of those handy thread catchers which hang on the table close by while you are sewing, to put all the snips of cotton in, rather than all over the floor!  With a tile to hold it in place, this was made in a very pretty blue fabric, and finished with gold cord.  Recently back from a visit to the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair, she had also brought along some of her purchases to show us.  It certainly looks like she had a wonderful trip.

DSCF1932 Pamela’s Thread Catcher
DSCF1933 Goodies from Sydney

It was good to welcome Betty back to our stitching group, we hadn’t seen her for a while.  Betty had a new project underway, she was making stars and nine patches to go together in a wall hanging for her bedroom.  This is from a pattern in Australian P & Q magazine.

DSCF1945 Betty’s new project
Not everyone was quilting – Gaye brought along a couple of pair of trousers she was finishing off for herself.  She likes to sew her own trousers she told us, then she knows they will fit her properly.  Don’t think I would tackle trousers, I’ve got out of the way of dealing with zips and waistbands!

DSCF1942 Gaye finishing off her trousers

Heather wasn’t quilting either.  With a pair of scissors in her hand, she was dissecting more op-shop shirts for her “Great Shirt Challenge” quilts.  She cuts all the seams off, removes the buttons, labels, collars and cuffs, and has plenty of fabric to work with on her next creation.  Heather is working on quilt number 11, all made from recycled shirts, and they will be donated to a good cause in the future.

DSCF1944Heather cutting yet another shirt to pieces.

Some of the collars and cuffs have been passed on to Margaret, who showed us her Journal Cover made from cuffs.  What a neat idea, and it just goes to show what can be made from scraps.
DSCF1943  Journal cover made from recycled cuffs

Margaret was busy pinning and basting her Kaffe Fassett hexagons together.  This will be hand quilted then made up into a tote bag, she told me.  Margaret works fast and had that done in  no time at all.  Later in the day I saw her working on some more pretty “Doiley Dollies”.  This is something I’d like to do “one day”, just need to get started on them.  

DSCF1934 Kaffe Fassett hexagons

Another lady who is never without work in her hands is Maureen.  She is making a whole lot of place mats to be offered for sale in the upcoming Pinehaven Fair.  I noticed she used hair clips to keep the binding in place, no stabs from the pins with this method.

DSCF1946 Maureen and two place mats

I decided against taking my sewing machine along to the stitching day, so had hand work with me.  Had the binding to stitch down on my rail fence with the cheeky kiwi backing – it’s almost done.

DSCF1940 Stitching down my binding

Then I got into a fine old mess as I ripped out the tissue paper foundations on my burgundy and cream log cabin blocks.  This will be an ongoing project as I need to make quite a few more blocks, plus the border will be foundation pieced too.  Still, I’ll get there eventually.

DSCF1947 My foundation pieced log cabin blocks

All in all, another interesting Stitching Monday, lots of work achieved – thanks ladies, for your company.

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