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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beatlemania – 48 years ago!

It would be hard for the young girls today who have a “thing” for the likes of Justin Bieber and the new boy band New Directions who toured New Zealand recently, to realise that their grannies were just like them 48 years ago.   Way back in 1964 girls of my era were screaming, fainting, and playing hooky from school to get a glimpse of the Beatles when they landed in Wellington.  They gathered at Wellington Airport, then later at the Hotel St George in Willis Street, screaming their little hearts out.  Some even climbed up on the building, and managed to get inside the room of their idols.

No such excitement for me though.  In June 1964 I was a young married girl, 7 months pregnant with my first baby.  I really thought that my carefree teenage years were over, and I felt burdened down with my upcoming responsibilities.  How sad I felt, to be unable to see the Beatles. 

The Beatles at Wellington Airport
Photographer: Morrie Hill, The Beatles at Wellington Airport, June 1964

But life went on, and I got over my disappointment when I first looked down at my new born baby boy.  He will be turning 48 in a few months time, doesn’t time fly. And how do I know it is 48 years ago?  Easy, I’ve just read an article in the  weekend newspaper about the Beatles visit to Wellington which brought back all these memories.


Nancy J said...

Yes, I too missed an event, my b-in-law's wedding, Hugh was Best Man, our elder daughter 3 days old, and not allowed out even for the ceremony. 49 years ago.How times change. Today we would both be there, probably with baby too,getting signed photos, and maybe a pat on the head for the little one!!!But I wouldn't change any of those years for any Beatle or Bieber!!! Cheers from Jean

Frances Leate said...

This does bring back memories Jenny and I have to own up to being one of the schoolgirls who played hookie to see the Beatles arrive in Sydney. My hair was even cut in a Beatle style and I spent all my pocket money on their records. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Take care.

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies for sharing your memories. It hardly seems that long ago, does it? But the scarey thing is, in two years time we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arriving in NZ and Oz!