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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Over the hill and far away

Julie Lister, of Coastal Quilting, phoned me last night, to tell me that my black and white quilt is all finished. I wasn’t required at work today, wasn’t that fortuitous, so off I went to collect it. The rain hasn’t stopped all day, so I took my time as I drove over the Wainuiomata Hill. Wainuiomata was known as “Nappy Valley” in earlier years, as the reasonably priced building sections attracted many young married couples. (In a former life, my family and I lived in Wainuiomata for several years). Once through the township, I drove down the winding coast road in the incessant rain, past life style blocks and small farms. This ramshackle barn must have a few stories to tell about life on the farm.

DSCF4271 Old red barn

The stock all looked miserable as the rain kept falling. Horses stood dejectedly, heads down, and their horse covers dripping wet. The sheep and lambs didn’t look any more comfortable, but this mother and lamb were lucky enough to have some shelter under the trees.

DSCF4273 Sheep and her lamb

I finally reached my destination and drove up the steep drive to Julie’s studio. My quilt looked lovely, and I was very pleased with the pantograph design of feathers that I had chosen. Julie had done a great job with her quilting. There is no doubt about it, quilting really does bring a quilt top to life. After attending to the business side of things, the quilt was packed up, and I began the long drive home.

DSCF4277 Back of quilt showing the quilting design

Cutting the biding strips, and stitching them on is the next step. Oh, I mustn't forget to make a nice label too, after all, it is a special gift. This quilt is going to my daughter Nicky and her husband Robert who celebrate 25 years of marriage next month. I am so pleased that I have plenty of time to get these last couple of steps done before the due date. I just hope they like it!

DSCF4278 Corner of quilt

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Julie said...

Oh I'm sure they will love it! I especially love that you showed us a little of your journey to the quilters place. I will have to keep such a technique in mind for my own future journeys!!!