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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Appliqué Quilts on show

I went back to Pinestream Quilters exhibition at Expressions Gallery today, to check out the appliqué quilts on display. Surprising, there were only a few of these beauties hanging up, most of the quilts in the exhibition were made of pieced blocks. First in the door was Heather Harding’s quilt, made to showcase our exhibition. Triangle shapes of various colours are stitched on to the black and gold background fabric. Metallic threads used in the stipple quilting add to the sparkle of this quilt, as does the variegated satin stitch which zig zags between the embellished triangles.

DSCF4197 Exhibition quilt by Heather Harding

“Celebrate William Morris”, by Sylvia Lambert is hand appliquéd and hand quilted. Sylvia mentioned that William Morris designs are from the late 1800s but still inspire us today. Sylvia is an appliqué devotee and has stitched two of these quilts, with similar designs.

DSCF4198 “Celebrate William Morris”, by Sylvia Lambert

“When Harry met Sally”, by Jenny Hughes Allen is a whimsical, highly embellished wall hanging with special little touches just waiting to be discovered. Harry the hedgehog had been used in a previous quilt, and Jenny thought it was time he had a little romance in his life. This lovely piece has it all, 3D appliqué, couching and embroidering, on a pretty colour washed background fabric.

DSCF4199 “When Harry met Sally”, by Jenny Hughes Allen

Here is Harry up close. The stitched detail is amazing, as are the appliqué leaves and flowers which adorn the quilt.

DSCF4200 Here’s Harry

Hanging at the back of the gallery was “Rambling Rose”, by Jan Cotton. The main body of this bed sized quilt was pieced stars blocks in creams. The magnificent needle turn appliqué border of embellished flowers, leaves, and fantails flitting amongst the foliage really sets it off nicely.

DSCF4202“Rambling Rose”, by Jan Cotton

The border is truly beautiful and here is a close up so you can see some of the details – can you make out the fantail bird sitting there?

DSCF4203 “Rambling Rose” border detail


Ozjane said...

Thanks for the lovely look. Love the bird and that Harry boy.

Maria said...

More divine quilts.
Gorgeous wall hanging and I love Harry.