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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And the Winners are……..

I went back in the daytime to take photos of the other major winners in my club, Pinestream Quilters Exhibition. Best in Show was Jenny Hall, (see earlier blog) who also took out the award for Best First Time Exhibitor. Well done, Jenny. Now, where did I put my notebook? The other awards went to:

“Welsh Traditions”, by Heather Harding, won two awards. Best Hand Quilting, and Best Traditional Wall Quilt. Heather’s quilt “celebrates the traditions that have been established and practised by women for centuries”.

DSCF4184“ Welsh Traditions”, by Heather Harding

The low lighting in the gallery did not make for a good photo, so I zoomed in on the central motif to show just how wonderful Heather’s hand quilting is. Heather is one of those remarkable quilters who win awards for both hand and machine quilting.

DSCF4185 Centre of Heather’s quilt

“Rhythm and Blues”, by Gaye Downes, won Best Use of Colour. This quilt was inspired by the book, Spectacular Quilts. The lovely turquoise fabrics made this quilt glow.

DSCF4177“Rhythm and Blues”, by Gaye Downes

“Shanes Journey through the Stars”, by Fay McGregor, won Best Innovative Bed Quilt. This was made for her son’s 18th birthday and showcases fabric in the many different varieties of stars relating to hobbies and interests, such as bikes, music, and sports.

DSCF4178 “Shane’s Journey through the Stars”, by Fay McGregor

“The Road to Cork”, by Gael O’Donnel, won Best Traditional Bed Quilt, and was made for her oldest son‘s 21st birthday. Made of lovely subdued colours which did not photograph particularly well in the low lighting.

DSCF4180 “The Road to Cork”, by Gael O’Donnel

“Keeping it Green”, by Margaret Rogerson, won Best Innovative Wall Quilt. Margaret made the wall hanging to celebrate the purchase of her new home.

DSCF4182 “Keeping it Green”, by Margaret Rogerson

“Bozinga”, by Jo den Harder won Best Machine Quilting. This stunning quilt with flowers and stars was made to celebrate a new home. I had seen Jo working on this quilt and just love the intricate design of the blocks.

DSCF4183 “Bozinga”, by Jo den Harder

And……last but not least, the President’s Award went to “Vriendchap voon Altyd”, Friendship for Ever, by Petronella Lazet-Polman. Made for a very dear friend who returned to the Netherlands after spending several years living in New Zealand.

DSCF4181 “Vriendchap voon Altyd”, by Petronella Lazet-Polman

These are the quilts which took home the awards, but there are many other lovely quilts on display as well. The quilters in our club are very talented and I am sure that you would like to see some of the others as well. I will be back to the gallery with my trusty camera snapping more beautiful quilts before too long.

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Frances Leate said...

What wonderful quilts Jenny, you certainly belong to a club with very talented members.