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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Stitching Monday

After the excitement of the opening of our Quilt Exhibition last week, it was nice to sit down with the stitching group and chat about the highlights as we worked on our projects.  I loaded up my sewing machine to take this time, and worked on three more little Christmas wall-hangings.  I took lots of sewing to do, but didn’t really seem to achieve much at all.  Never mind, it’s all about getting together regularly, isn’t it?  Jo was working on a “Disappearing 9 Patch” in lovely retro colours and was up to sewing the borders on the quilt top.  After applying a narrow tan border, she wanted some advice.  Which of the two fabrics she had with her would look better as the outside border?  This is the one which everyone decided on – interesting enough, it was Jo’s first choice too.

DSCF4248 Auditioning the border fabric

Maureen was busy stitching away on sewing down the bindings on  some place mats.  The fabric is a fun black and white print featuring chefs.  Maureen had earlier made a whole bunch of these for a craft sale, and this set is for a commission.

DSCF4247  Maureen and her “Chef” place mats

Sylvia had been very busy during the month and brought in six cute little neo natal quilts, using donated flannel fabric.  All different, they looked so nice and cuddly and the hospital and the new mums are sure to appreciate them.  There was only the binding on one to finish then they are all done.

DSCF4245 Sylvia made six neonatal quilts

Heather is the Hexagon Queen lately, and was working on another lovely quilt.  She was not happy with the look of her machine quilting, so had unpicked it all.  “The quilt is telling me it wants to be hand quilted”, she announced.  Here she is busily basting. the quilt to prepare it for  hand quilting.  Will there be another hexagon quilt?  Probably -  Heather has a bag full of prepared hexagons left over from previous quilts.

DSCF4246Heather basting her hexagon quilt


Maria said...

It is so nice to sit and stitch with friends. All beautiful work done by your ladies.

Frances Leate said...

Yes it is all about getting together. Last Sunday I had planned to stitch the binding on a quilt and only took about 2 stitches in the whole morning. I am sure Heather will agree with me that quilts talk to you - what a lovely hexagon quilt. Happy stitching!