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Monday, November 9, 2009

Muffy goes caravanning

Muffy, our beautiful Birman is getting to be a well travelled cat. We took her to Koputaroa, in rural Levin, last weekend, when we joined 70 motor homes and caravans at a Guy Fawkes Rally. I had to pack her little drawstring bag, which I had made especially for her. It has a cat stitchery on the front, and I used cat printed fabric, of course . In it is her comb, her little pink harness, and a very light lead. There is no way we would let her out on her own in a strange place in case she took fright and ran away.

DSCF1495 Muffy’s special little bag

Not that she goes outside a great deal, she really does consider herself an “indoors” kind of cat. Lying about on top of the quilt covering our caravan bed is really more her style. She eats her breakfast, goes outside for a brief look around to see what is what, then curls up and sleeps for the day.

DSCF1892 On the caravan bed

Always inquisitive, Muffy finds any sort of open cupboard irresistible. What’s in this one under the sink? And what about the outside locker? Perhaps she can squeeze in if she tries hard.


DSCF2165 These look interesting, let’s see if I can squeeze in

When we returned home, Muffy had a sniff around the garden, walked down the hall, jumped up on our bed, and promptly went to sleep. What a life these cats have!!

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