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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking for Dollies

On our recent trip to the Wairarapa my friend Kathryn and I went to check out a new doll shop. Kathryn loves dolls was given a really nice (and expensive) one for her major birthday last year. I just went along for the ride as there just happened to be a craft shop in the vicinity, they are always worth checking out as well.

DSCF2059 Chestnut Gallery in Greytown, Wairarapa

As it turned out the doll shop wasn’t really a doll shop after all. It was a doll house shop. As well as having the imported kit set houses on offer, there were many designs of doll house sized sheets of wall paper for interior decoration. And of course the shop sold all sorts of miniature furniture and fittings. The owner told us that there were over 30 clubs in New Zealand dedicated to dolls houses and miniature furniture.

DSCF2057 One of the many cabinets full of furniture

We enjoyed checking out all the delightful little treasures. The large American dolls houses were wonderful to see. Three stories high,with gables and plenty of large windows, we could see how interesting they could be to start decorating. These beauties are obviously not the kind of thing for clumsy little kiddie fingers to touch.

DSCF2056 One of the American kitset doll houses

But sadly for Kathryn…. there was not a dolly to be seen. Never mind, we had an interesting morning browsing. If dolls houses are your interest, check out the website at www.chestnutgallery.co.nz

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