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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hawkes Bay Patchworkers & Quilters Exhibition

We travelled up to Hastings for the weekend to visit my sister and her family. “Did you know there was a quilt show in town?” she asked. No I didn’t, but we soon found out where it was and went to check it out. The Hawkes Bay Patchworkers & Quilters Biennial Quilt Show was held in the Hastings Community Art Centre. The show had free entry and a steady stream of quilt lovers arrived to admire what was on offer. The juried quilts hung in the centre of the exhibition, and were surrounded by many more non judged quilts. Christmas quilts, wall hangings, banners and toys made a nice display in the front window.

DSCF2089 The Christmas window display

I was interested to see that many of the quilts incorporated stitchery blocks, and several had a New Zealand theme. One of my favourites was a candlewicked quilt which featured NZ birds and flowers. I also noticed that several of the quilts on show had pin tucks stitched on the lattices and borders, not something I had come across before.

PA310146A view from the top of the stairs

There was something for everyone to delight in. Quilts in 30s fabrics, hexagons, raggy edged quilts, quietly refined bed quilts and vibrant kiddies quilts. There were several striking red and black quilts. Even one lovely satin offering made out of discarded ball gowns, now that is certainly a memory quilt, isn’t it?

DSCF2092 Selvedge quilt

I had been reading about quilting with selvedge strips recently, and sure enough, there were a couple of selvedge quilts on display. All the quilts were well hung and there were interesting touches in the items used such as furniture and old suitcases to give added interest to the display.

PA310149Japanese wall hanging

The Hawkes Bay group put on a wonderful exhibition and are to be congratulated on their wonderful work.

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Lis Harwood said...

What a great treat and I love that Japanese wall hanging. Are you sure you didn't know the show was on? MY DH is amazed at the places we go where there just turns out to be a quilt show on or a quilt shop to be explored!!!!