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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sew Wot Tuesday

Our Sew Wot Tuesday rolled around again, and Heather was our “hostess with the mostest”.  It was good to catch up with everyone again. Our newest member Jude had just celebrated a birthday, and she had kept her birthday date to herself.  But a couple of our ladies had wind of it, and Jude had a lovely gift or two to take home.  And I’m sure the rest of us will make a note of the birthday date for next year.


Happy Birthday Jude

Of course there was a little “Show and Tell”, always fun to see, starting with some knitting.  Helen had brought along a jumper and hat, made for one of her grandsons.  And the cutest little baby singlet, just because she wanted to knit it.


Helen’s knitting

Carol had been knitting too.  A lovely baby jumper and hat for donation.


Made by Carol

And I had brought along my recently completed apron, with the saying “Be Grateful” stitched on the front.


My new apron

Heather then brought out a “Treasure Box” made by her daughter.  Mandy had used many of the special Birthday and Christmas cards Heather had kept, all too precious not to save.   These had been pasted all over the box, both the outside and the inside, and Heather has this beautiful box to store her special keepsake treasures in.  What a great idea!


.  Heather’s Treasure Box

So what we do all morning, between chatting and putting the world to rights?  There was some knitting going on, Helen, Jude and Heather were busy with clacking knitting needles.  Carol and I were working on our stitcheries, and Mary was busy stitching hexagons together.  Plus Heather had brought out a box of bits and pieces to look through, everything looking for a new home.  This did the rounds and most of us ended up with something interesting to take home.


Jude, Carol, Heather, Helen and Mary

As usual, we enjoyed a delicious morning tea.  Thanks so much Heather, for a lovely morning.


Home made baking


Raewyn said...

It looks like it was a lovely day Jenny. It's always nice to see what everyone is doing. And a yummy looking morning tea!

Janice said...

Another nice get together, as always.

Maria said...

The Sew Wot GTGs are always fun for you and the ladies…
Some beautiful knitted items and the card box is a great idea.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The Treasure Box is a clever idea!

Julierose said...

I love that decorated box idea--super fun!! As usual the spread looks wonderful--nice that you had a lovely time of it. hugs, Julierose

Preeti said...

Baby clothes - fabric or yarn are always so cute. But sharing tea with friends with a show tell of baby things has to be the ultimate feast for the eyes, the belly and the soul!!!

FlourishingPalms said...

This kind of friends-get-together activities are the best! It's always nice to see what everyone is working on, and the goodies... I'd really like that part too. I have a sweet tooth, though seldom act on it. Groups where we live generally don't share baked goods, likely because our groups are always 20 people or more. That would be a lot of baking! You have just the right size of group.

Jackie said...

Such a lovely meeting of friends. All the projects are wonderful as usual.

God bless.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Ok I am caught up now on your posts, Jenny. I read the hospital post with interest and of course, so happy things went well. I like the idea of the hospital shuttle for you. Robin is a good patient and his recovery shows it. So nice to see you knitting and then your apron with the embroidery. The Sew Wots are always a favourite to see what everyone is working on and your delicious lunch. Good times!

Connie said...

How nice that you could all get together. It's fun seeing what everyone is working on.
In the comment you left on my blog you said that you have never had or made zucchini bread. Do you have zucchini in New Zealand? If so I would love to send you my recipe, of course you can always download a recipe online also. It's very yummy and a substitute for cake that is a little harder and not quite as sweet, but almost, lol.