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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Little Bricks in Blue

It’s time for some more Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing.  I only have one project still going, believe it or not, the others are complete.  Not properly complete, I hasten to add, but a series of blocks sitting in their project bags.  Little Bricks was started late, and will be carried over to 2023.  I cut out eight blue blocks and got to work stitching.  Well pinned, as I like to do.


I like to use plenty of pins

While I was up at the ironing board,pressing the blocks, Gemma decided to join me at the sewing machine.  After snoozing the day away, I think she was looking for some company.


I’m here to help you, Mum

The blocks were stitched together in a zig zag line, with a sashing strip added to each end.  There, all done – this will join the purple and orange strip now.


Blue strip complete

Our Spring here in New Zealand arrived a couple of weeks ago.  Looks like our native kowhai tree has got the message, as the tree is now festooned with pretty hanging yellow blossoms. 


Our kowhai tree in blossom

I have just come back to  writing this blog post as  I had to stop and sit in front of the TV to watch the “Ascension of King Charles 111”.  Full of pomp and ceremony, 200 members of the Privy Council met to hear King Charles make his declaration.  Later heralds gathered on the balcony at St James Palace, and the Proclamation was read out from the balcony to those members of the public gathered below.  This is the first time this ancient ceremony, dating back to 1600s has been shown on TV. 


Maria said...

The blue zig zag line of blocks look great.
What gorgeous blooms …
Oh I missed the telecast but I guess it will be repeated.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I didn't see the ceremony on tv but I heard it was to be- I know I will watch some of this but not all of it not being the same time as England I am getting bits of it. or it is too early in the day or me to watch.

Julierose said...

Little bricks is so pretty in the zig zaggy lines...Pretty yellow flowers...
Hugs, Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your little bricks sewn together like that! The tree blossom is an interesting one - bright and pretty. I bet you're happy to see those bloom!

Nancy J said...

The Ceremony, Charles seemed to be a bit frazzled as he arranged the papers on the table, brushing away some speck of dust maybe. It has maybe all happened so fast, no time to grieve privately for any of them. And a first for the ceremony to be on TV, how privileged we are to have seen it all. I am guessing those there were by invitation, and then given directions as how to leave. Kowhai, a golden bloom , just at the right time for Elizabeth, they seem to me to be quite regal .Our neigh ours have some tall kowhai trees, the birds will be gathering for a feed very soon, when the sun starts to shine.

grammajudyb said...

Thank you for sharing the Kowhai blossoms! They are stunning! Nothing quite like that in high desert Wyoming, USA! I,too, like your little bricks in cool calm blues. I did not get to see the ceremony! But maybe I can catch some of it later on a streaming channel. So sad to lose the only Queen most of us have ever known.It will be strange to say. King Charles III.

Jackie said...

What an interesting blossom! Such a bright and cheery colour.

Love the little bricks. I am slowly moving away from chair rail pattern, nine patch and disappearing 9 patch. Hopefully one of these days I can actually do a Dresden pattern or flying geese.

God bless.

Maggie said...

Dear Jenny,
Love the way you are sewing the bricks together. This year was only one RSC project, as I have many other projects that needs to get finished with. I knew the Omygosh would not take the whole year to work on, leaving time to get the other things done. Love that you have blocks done, ready to sew together and finish. Having lived in South Africa for most of our lives, I still spring clean in September and now also in March/April. Thank you for sharing the beautiful flowers. Have a wonderful week.

Janice said...

Well done. No light blue for me until I get home.