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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Even the Cat is Vaccinated

Gemma took a visit to the vet recently for her annual vaccination.  We got the cat cage out early and left it in the sitting room, so she could sniff around and get used to it.  But there was no fooling our cat, in  her mind this cage is related to bad times ahead so she wasn’t at all keen being bundled inside and taken for a ride to the vets.


Hiding in the back

Her vaccination call-up had been delayed a few months due to Covid but it didn't matter too much, the vet assured us.  Only one “parent” was allowed in with the pet, due to distancing concerns, so I went in with her.  The vaccination for cat flu and whatever else went well, with not even a squeak being made, but getting the worming pill down her throat was a bit of a mission.  Poor Gemma, I did feel sorry for her, as it took several tries, no wonder she was stressing out.


The vet clinic

I'm pleased to say that Gemma was judged fit and healthy, her teeth are in good condition, as is her coat.  So we paid the bill, and took her home to get over her trying time.  Out of the cage, she went to hide in the wardrobe for several hours, to settle down.  Several hours later I found her much more relaxed, legs akimbo, lying on the chair in front of my sewing machine.  All was forgiven, what’s for my dinner, she wanted to know.


She’s happy and relaxed again

Gemma didn’t know it, but she is soon to have another holiday, this time for three weeks or so, traveling here and there around the country.  So its good that her vaccinations are up to date.  She travels in the car on a harness with her lead attached to the seat belts, so that nasty cage doesn’t come along on our caravan trips away.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad Gemma passed her visit with little trouble - she sure is a pretty one

Nancy J said...

those worm pills, a huge mission for any of our previous cats. Travel, will the new Red Light make a difference to you going away? We will not be doing any travel, movies or cafe visiting for some time now, our boosters are still 3 weeks away.

Leigh said...

Our cat is part Birman and we found she was less stressed in the car if she was wrapped in a towel and held so she could see out the window while on the way to the vet. She only get's put in the carrier once we are there.

Maria said...

Pleased Gemma is up to date with her vaccines too. Lucky it’s only once a year !
Nice new header.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Past post-Lovely reds …you do have great stash, Jenny.
Poor Gemma. Thankfully over the trauma and so relaxed there on the chair. A lucky girl!

Jackie said...

So glad that the beautiful Gemma passed all her tests and got the vaccinations she needed. She is going to love traveling around with you in the car.

God bless.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Poor Gemma.....hubby and I got our triple vax today so I sympathise xxx