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Thursday, December 24, 2020

It’s Hard being the Perfect Hostess

That’s what Gemma thinks, after welcoming Robin’s sister Kaye who came to stay overnight.  Gemma was enchanted with our guest and wouldn’t leave her alone.  I told Kaye that she should feel honoured, as Gemma has been known to be rather stand offish to visitors before, and not want to have anything to do with them.  When Kaye departed, Gemma took a well earned snooze on the dining chair, head tucked under the table cloth, and her back legs hanging down!


Job done, time for a rest

Having someone to stay in the sewing room/spare bedroom caused some mild panic.  There were the Christmas crates all over the floor, various projects everywhere, and the carpet was covered in threads.  Because of my sore wrist, Robin was roped in to help.  The crates were stacked in the garage, project bags were stuffed into the wardrobe, my sewing machine cabinet was closed shut, and the floor was vacuumed.  The spare bedroom then went through a bit of a transformation.  The fold up Murphy bed is a rather clever design, looking just like a free standing wardrobe.  Then it pulls down into a comfy double bed with an innerspring mattress, just the thing for those short on space but still wanting to accommodate the occasional overnight guest.


The innovative Murphy bed

Kaye is Robin’s only sister and youngest sibling.  It was so nice to have Kaye come for an overnight visit.  Living down in the South Island we don't see a lot of her, so we had a great catch-up.  And she brought gifts, flowers for me and a bottle of wine for Robin.


Kaye and Robin

After a leisurely breakfast Kaye continued on her journey, off to collect her hubby Jan and son from Palmerston North Airport, then driving up to Taupo to spend Christmas with Jan’s side of the family.  By all accounts this will be quite a big family affair.  Ours will be much quieter, and goodness me, it’s Christmas Day tomorrow!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Merry Christmas - a murphy bed sounds like just what is needed in small rooms! Glad Robin was available to help get the room in order and that you had a nice visit.
Have a good Day

Tired Teacher 2 said...

One of my first apartments had a Murphy bed, and I loved having an instant solution for unexpected guests.

Merry Christmas to you and Robin!

Kate said...

Merry Christmas!

Maria said...

That Murphy bed is perfect... Lovely to have had Kaye spend a night and the bonus was the sewing room was cleaned... Now to find everything that was put away ??
Hope you are enjoying your Christmas day.. ours is a quiet one too.

FlourishingPalms said...

How lovely to have company! Our last house guest departed March 11, 2020. No worries here about cleaning up a guest room, though ours only has a pile of finished quilts laying across the bed - quilts made during the pandemic that I don't know what to do with! Anyway, I'm very glad Kaye could visit and be with you and her brother. That's what family SHOULD be doing these days.