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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Christmas is coming fast

The Colourpoint Cats quilt only had a brief two day stint hanging up above the couch.  It’s almost Christmas after all, so down it had to come to be replaced by a seasonal quilt.  This one is Christmas Smorgasbord, made with blocks received in two different internet block swaps, stars and nine patches.  Never mind, the cats will get another turn to shine before too long.


Christmas Smorgasbord

I always seem to have more Christmas quilts than hanging room, these two small ones are favourites so  were chosen again.  The Selvedge Christmas Tree was fun to stitch, and the Red Robins and Christmas Trees quilt was sent to me by pen-friend Rose in UK.


Christmas Trees and Robin Redbreasts

The second couch has my Christmas ABC quilt over the top.  I really enjoyed stitching these pretty blocks, patterns designed by the very talented Michelle Ridgeway.  Gemma decided she was going to pose on top, perhaps she is trying to be a Christmas Angel?


Christmas ABC

More stitching on the coffee table – my Jingle Table Runner, a Red Brolly design.  Down one end, Santa gathers up the reindeer as they are munching in the meadow, and on the other end, they are hooked up to the sleigh, raring to go and deliver all those parcels.


Jingle Table Runner

Each year I like to display my small collection of James Shore figurines, so pretty.  They are alongside Santa who is sitting at the sewing machine stitching his Santa Hat.  These delights were all gifts sent over the years from my quilting pen-friend Carol of South Dakota.


Treasured gifts

There are a few other things dotted about inside, so everything looks nice and festive.  I just have the family gifts to wrap and then I’m all finished.  Christmas Day will be an easy one this year, we are dining out with friends, for a change.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't have much room to hang quilts either - that was why I made Melanie's stitchery into a table topper - you have a lot of nice quilts there an the figurines!

ButterZ said...

Love the Christmas cheer.

Maria said...

Beautiful special Christmas wall hangings decorating your home and you have some gorgeous treasures to display...

Janice said...

Everything is looking very festive at your house. Good on you for being so organised. Having been away for 10 days has put me out of kilter. I haven’t even thought of gifts as yet. Not to worry, there are still 9 days 😜

Julierose said...

Such lovely Christmas quilts you've set out! And your J.S. statuettes are so pretty next to your Sewing Santa...I have a couple Christmas quilts out and our little tree...we didn't take out everything this year--just not in the mood, I guess...
I hope you are staying safe....hugs from across the world, Julierose

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The quilts and stitch projects add not only festive touches but are also welcoming. The robins are certainly cheerful.

FlourishingPalms said...

It's nice that you have Christmas as a reason to pull out all these lovelies and admire them for a few weeks. Your little figurines are really cute, especially as they're a remembrance from a special friend. I think it's great that you will dine out with friends for Christmas! That's something positive to look forward to, and we all need "positive" these days.

Jackie said...

What a lovely selection of Christmas quilts. Everything looks so festive.

God bless.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your Christmas quilts and the red robins is adorable. Very chuffed to see my Christmas design and well done Gemma for showing it off so nicely. All your special treasures are gorgeous! Merry Christmas xx

Karen S said...

Your Christmas display looks lovely. So good to see all your work on display!

Cheryll said...

It's a lovely display Jenny.
Merry Christmas too...xox