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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What I’ve been doing

Its been rather busy lately, and I’ve had no time for my usual “Roll the Dice” Monday.  With our holiday fast approaching, (goodness me, it’s tomorrow), the only time I’ve spent at the sewing machine is to stitch up a few little house blocks.  All the pieces are cut, pinned,  and sitting on my cabinet, just waiting to be picked up and run through the machine.

A few more house blocks

So what else have I been doing?  Checking the fridge to make sure all the perishables have been taken care of.  I managed to plan our last few meals using up most of the veggies and fruit.  Of course, if we were going away in the caravan it wouldn’t matter, as we would take the food with us.  But we are flying over to Australia so it all had to go.  I cooked up the last of the apples and popped then in a container in the freezer, we will probably enjoy them with our breakfast cereal some time in the future.  And the head of broccoli in the fridge veggie compartment was turned into (microwave) broccoli and cheese soup, which we ate for lunch.

Broccoli and cheese soup

I’m sure our cat Gemma knew something was up with all this rushing around.  And sure enough, she was scooped up this morning, bundled into her carry cage, and driven to the local cattery.  She wasn’t very happy about that!  It probably seemed like she was being sent to prison.  After all, Gemma is a caravan cat, and usually comes with us on our holidays.  But not this time, sorry Gemma, but she does have an outside run where she is staying.  She will enjoy being out in the sunshine, and keeping an eye out for any birds flying by.


Gemma’s having a holiday too

Luckily our passports were just where they should have been, so that’s good.  We’ve been to the bank to buy a few Aussie dollars, and would you believe it, we even had a few left over from our last trip.  It’s now time to pack the bags.  I’m taking my pretty little “holiday” toilet bag with me, a gift from Sew Wot friend Heather.  This was a Christmas challenge for our Sew Wot group a couple of years ago, we all made one, and got one back, and I love mine!  It’s so much prettier than the one I use in the caravan, it really deserves to be taken on an overseas holiday, doesn’t it.

My pretty toilet bag, thanks Heather

We are only away a few weeks,  with the highlight being a trip on the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Sydney.  There will be plenty of sight seeing happening, so I’ve decided not to take any hand stitching with me.  But I’ve got two (new to me) paperbacks to read on the flights and at night, so that should keep me occupied.  Our holiday starts tomorrow morning, with our first flight up to Auckland, then over to Australia.  Toodle-pip – it should be a fun trip!


June's Jottings said...

Have a wonderful trip Jenny, and safe travels.

Jo said...

Oh Jenny, I do hope you enjoy your holiday. Wish I was closer to where you were going to be so we could meet up.
I just got home from my 5 week holiday today. I went from Perth to Darwin on a motorbike. Posts to come..

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

have fun - will this be the train trip in Australia that you missed last year if I remember right? have fun

Tired Teacher said...

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Janice said...

Have a wonderful time while visiting Oz. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your Indian Pacific trip - it will happen this time!!!

Judith nb Serena said...

Have a wonderful holiday, will look forward to hearing all about it.
Judith nb Serena

Maria said...

Have a fabulous time on your holiday, I'm so sorry I'm going to miss seeing you....one day !