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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Time to Roll the Dice again

It’s been a slow to start to my sewing week, with one thing and another, but now the dice has been rolled and I’m raring to go again.  This week I’ll be working on number three from my List of Six.  Which is – the Horse Panel Quilt.  You may remember that last time I worked on this, it didn’t progress much at all.  But never mind, I’ll try and do better this time around.

Horse Panel

I’ve been working of strippy borders with nine patches in the corners.  Spotted on Pinterest, this idea seemed a great idea to border a panel.


Sadly, it hasn’t all been plain sailing.  You know what they say “measure twice and cut once”.  Goodness knows how I got the measurements so wrong but I cut several strips of cream much too short.  Just as well I have plenty of this fabric to spare.

I’m also doing a “new to me” leader and ender project at the same time.  I wanted something simple and easy to use up some of the 2 1/2 inch strips I have hanging about.  So I sewed a little house, to see if it would work.  With 2 1/2 squares to make a door, flip and sew corners to create a roof, it is quick to sew, especially with a pile of pieces all cut out ready to go.  My little houses don’t need windows or chimneys, I’ve decided, they are fine as they are.  They  will sew up nicely into a child’s donation quilt in the future.  Perhaps I can find an easy pieced tree block pattern to go with them as well?

Little house blocks


Nancy J said...

Lovely wee houses, a great design.

Janice said...

Don’t you hate that!! I’m sure you will be able to use the shorter strips in something, maybe a bit may even find itself in one of your new house blocks. They should be a great leader and ender project - nice and simple.

Julierose said...

Adorable little houses--nice work hugs, Julierose

Maria said...

Sew annoying when we cut things wrong ! Lucky you did have more fabric and now the borders with the 9 patch look good.
Such cute houses for your leader and endder project.

Tired Teacher said...

My most common mistake in cutting is width rather than length. I get sidetracked and don't check the ruler before cutting. The houses are adorable. I'm saving that idea for a future project.

vintagerose said...

Hi Jenny love that border what a wonderful idea,love the colours too and boy those houses are so cute,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

loulee said...

I wish you better luck with the horse panel for this turn.
Love the wee houses, especially the one with multi coloured bricks.