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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pink Ladies and the Thimblelinas

Yesterday I met up with my Pink Ladies group for a lunch out at a local café.  Pink Ladies is a support group for those experiencing or have had breast cancer and is aligned to the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand

The Thimblelinas were invited too.  This group of local ladies have been busy making lap quilts for  ladies diagnosed with breast cancer in the community.  There were plenty of quilts looking for homes so our members were invited to put their name down on a quilt they would like, if they hadn’t already received one.

A lovely selection of quilts

And here are the quiltmakers.  Some of them I knew – Carol is a member of our Sew Wot group, and several others are members of Town and Country Quilt Club.  This is a very busy group.  They also make quilts for Ronald McDonald House and Prem babies in hospital.  Knitting too keeps them busy and they knit items to send to several charities.

Thimblelina Group

The ladies got up and spoke about the group, where they get their supplies from, and showed one of their quilts.  Carol was the co-founder together with Pam, a former Sew Wot lady who has sadly passed away.  Janneka houses all the supplies and spoke how they often get donations when quilters pass away – usually the family are not interested in all those bits of fabric.

Carol and Janneka

Two more lovely quilts proudly displayed

Our co-ordinator Margaret then thanked the Thimblelinas for all their lovely work on our behalf and made them a presentation.  We really appreciate their kindness and it was lovely to see some of our Pink Ladies clutching the quilt of their choice, ready to take home. 


vintagerose said...

Hi Jenny what beautiful quilts and how kind and generous you these lovely ladies are.
Lots of eye candy as the quilts are just stunning ,great to see them go to help people in need,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Nancy J said...

Wonderful to see the quilts, meet the makers, and know that each one has been made with love, and will be a treasure.

Lyndsey said...

That sounds like a lovely day and the quilts are beautiful.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is beautiful that there are several groups who do these quilts and what they make them for. There are a lot of groups like that in the states too.

Tired Teacher said...

So nice for the two groups to luncheon together and hear about the quilters and their mission and for the quilters to see the impact their work has on the Pink Ladies.

Judith nb Serena said...

More beautiful work not just today but also Sew What Tuesday. I do love to see what you all make and for such good causes too. I'm sure the Pink Ladies will treasure their quilts and find them a great comfort. Well done all.
Judith nb Serena

Janice said...

What a special day for all concerned.