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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Kangaroos, Koalas and a Wombat

You know you are in Australia when you can get up close and personal to these iconic animals.  We’ve spent a busy day on board a big blue Adams Coach, doing a full day trip.  First stop was to the Caversham Wildlife Park where the tour guide took us around to check out the animals.  The morning was a bit drizzly so we were pleased we had taken our rain jackets.  Some of the kangaroos had Joey's in the pouches so we could see legs or heads sticking out as Mum hopped around. 


P1290347 P8301316
Kangaroos galore

Next stop was the wombat enclosure where one of the keepers was sitting with a male wombat on his lap, and we were invited up to have our photo taken.  The wombat was perfectly content and didn’t move at all, as one after another, the bus passengers filed up for their photo opportunity.

Time with the wombat

Then it was on to the koala enclosure, where, sure enough, a young koala was waiting with the keeper. As we were allowed to gently touch these animals, we  had to use hand sanitiser as we entered each enclosure, to protect the animals.  

With a young koala

Our whizz bang tour concluded, we boarded the bus again and went on our way.  Our lunch stop was at the Lobster Shack, on the coast at Cervantes,  where we had a tour through the processing factory, then on to the dining area for lunch.  The price for our coach tour included fish and chips for lunch, with the option to upgrade to a lobster meal for an extra cost.  And why not, I thought, it isn’t often that I get an opportunity like this! Robin was happy with his fish and chips, as long as I gave him a little taste of my lobster.   The rock lobsters are fished off the coast, and we would call them crayfish back home in NZ.

Yummy lunch

Next was a visit to the amazing Pinnacles at Nambung National Park.  It seems that the experts cannot agree how these formations came to be, and there are several theories trotted out.  Whatever the real answer is, the Pinnacles were certainly amazing to see, stretching out into the desert as far as the eye could see.  We read: “Rising mysteriously from the sand dunes are thousands of limestone pillars up to 4m tall, a landscape in eerie contrast to the surrounding heath.  Some are jagged, sharp edged columns rising to a point, others resemble tombstones”. 

Just some of the Pinnacles

Our last stop was to the gorgeous snow white sand dunes at Lancelin.  We changed vehicles to a 4WD bus and were invited to have a go at sand boarding down the dunes.  Not for me, at my age, with middle aged bones I’d be worried about falling off and breaking a hip!  But some of the younger people had a go, and seemed to enjoy themselves.  It was fun enough just to stand by and watch then as they trudged up to the top of the dunes, and whizzed down on there dune boards. 

Sand duning

It was a long day, with the trip covering 500kms, but fun, and I’m sure that most of us nodded off in the coach on the return journey.  Certainly the easiest way to see these amazing sights, it was a most enjoyable day.   


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like you had fun a couple years ago we camped next to a Sand Dune area in Colorado and had fun climbing all over the dunes - it sure was exercise and I sat on my butt and slid down one of the hills

Jo said...

You saw some beautiful spots. We went through there a month ago. You are not far from blogger. Maria, https://maria-lifeontheblock.blogspot.com

Tired Teacher said...

Great photos of you and Robin enjoying the animals. Sand-surfing would be out of the question for me, too.

Julierose said...

You are brave to sit next to the animals...what a great trip you have had...those pinnacles are strange and wonderful thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

Lyndsey said...

You visits look amazing and I would have had to try the sand boarding.

White Rose said...

Hi Jenny what wonderful places you have visited,love the pics ,hope you have a wonderful trip my friend xx

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Wonderful outings on this trip, Jenny. OF course, I love seeing the food too. Looks yummy. Balancing on a board would be hard for me...esp. going down the side of steep hill. But would be fun to watch others. Meanwhile, both of you enjoy it all. Oh love that piece in your new header photo...pretty.

Maria said...

Robin and you did have a wonderful 500km trip seeing lots of great animals and sights....
We also call the Labsters Crayfish and there are many crayboats here....
Have a fabulous train trip...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Welcome back to Aus. Glad the locals gave you a warm welcome.....enjoy xx

Karen S said...

What a great day. You did manage to fit a lot in.
Have a great time on the train trip. This time it should all be smooth sailing!