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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Finding new homes

Sometimes you have a quilt (or top) which just needs to leave home and move on.  Such as the star quilt top I made from HSTs.  I didn’t really like it once it was finished, neither did my daughter or grand-daughters, so what to do with it?  Blogging friend Maria of Life on the Block suggested I send the top over to Jan Mac in Australia who does such a wonderful job with her charity work.  So I did.


Jan Mac posted on her blog:  “I have such wonderful blog readers who support these quilt projects and I really appreciate all that you do to help the needy. This beautiful quilt top was donated by Jenny B. from New Zealand and it will make a treasured gift quilt for Peter Mac  so I plan on quilting it very soon.”   The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, commonly abbreviated as the Peter Mac, is an Australian oncology research institute, cancer treatment, and professional oncologist training centre located in Melbourne, Australia,  and Jan supplies many items to raise funds in the associated shop.   Pop over to Jan’s blog Sew Many Quilts – Too Little Time to see just how much this very busy and generous lady does to help those less fortunate.

Quilt top now in Australia, soon to have a new home

I also had a quilt with a music theme looking for a new home.  Originally made for my son’s 40th birthday, he told me he didn’t want it and wouldn’t ever use it.  Rather than have it end up in the rubbish, it came back to me.  The colours, black with orange and yellow,  weren’t really us, so once again, what to do with it?  Caravanning friend Barry is a musician so I offered the quilt to him and Diane at a recent caravan club weekend.  And yes, they were happy to give it a new home.


Music Star quilt now rehomed

I’m so pleased there have been good results for both items, now I can relax.  And maybe get on with stitching another  quilt or two, as we quilters like to do!


Nancy J said...

A happy home for the quilts, given with love, generosity abounds in your heart.

Karen S said...

That is very special to find homes for them both. Great to see that they will be treasured and used. Well done.

Janice said...

How good that the quilts have found new homes. Better than languishing in the back of a cupboard.

Julierose said...

Wonderful that you found deserving people for these lovely quilts...Hugs, Julierose

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

So glad they both found new homes! I think both of them are lovely!!

Tired Teacher said...

Happy to hear you found new homes for the lovely quilts. May they richly bless those who receive them.

Karen's Korner said...

Glad to hear that your lovely quilts have found their forever homes and will be much loved.