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Monday, July 23, 2018

The New Kitten Keeps us Busy

We'd forgotten, or chose not to remember, jus how much of a time waster having a new kitten can be.  There’s balls to be rolled, cuddles to be shared, and antics to be exclaimed over.  And  keeping a good eye out on such a live wired little Missy when we are opening doors.  We don’t want her venturing outside until she has had her second vaccination, and been micro-chipped. 

Gemma loves patting those little balls around

Then last Friday we had an all day trip to collect a new to us car.  The dealer drove the car down from Tauranga, we drove up, and we all met up at Lake Taupo at mid day.

Lake Taupo

The cars were swapped over, as we had traded in our older 4WD, and Robin was thrilled with our new purchase.  We stopped for a photo shoot with Mt Ruapehu in the distance  on the drive home.

Mt Ruapehu

So there’s only been a little sewing going on this last week, such as this “secret sewing” which I can’t show just yet.  But it’s coming along nicely.

Secret Sewing underway

We’ve another rather busy week, so I’m not sure if I will be “rolling the dice” this week.  I certainly hope so – there’s all those projects on my List of Six which I really want to get on with!


Nancy J said...

The new wagon looks great. guess for easy towing too. Busy up here, the sewing for the blog hop is all done, just need to write some words now. Cold rain today, a degree less and it would have been sleet!!

Janice said...

How nice to have a new car. Now Robin will have to get all his little bits and pieces sorted to make it his and perfect for towing. It will probably eat those steep hills of yours. Yes, kittens do take a lot of attention. It will be interesting to see how she goes in the car and van after having an older cat travelling with you. Enjoy your secret stitching.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hope your little one will adjust to the camper when you go on your next trip - you will need to make sure it doesn't escape! Nice to get a new to you car isn't it.

Tired Teacher said...

Gemma looks so sweet. She will make a wonderful companion. Congratulations on the new vehicle: may it take you on many wonderful adventures.

Maria said...

Gemma is such a cute ball of fluff.
Nice to have a new car...lots of happy travelling in her.
Hope you get to do some sewing this week.

Karen S said...

They can be a big distraction but also a lot of fun.
Enjoy your new kitten and your new car!

Unknown said...

A new kitten! How exciting and what fun. Don’t tell Robin but I think a new kitten is more exciting than a new car.

Sandra Walker said...

Gemma is just a GEM! Oh she reminds me of my cat Bella at that age, which won't surprise you I know, since I bonded with you over dear Muffy and her resemblance. I so remember how much of time-wasters the little darlings can be, but it's such good time and not wasted really, as it massages our soul. Will be watching to see the secret sewing. Oh, went further back and read the previous post and just LOVE that cat bag you stitched for Muffy's brush etc. I should make one for Bella's paraphernalia, but some other things have to take precedence...