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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sew Wot Tuesday

Sew Wot Tuesday rolled around again, and what a wet morning it was – a real raincoat and umbrella sort of day.  But during the time we spent at hostess Moira’s home, the rain stopped and the sun came out for our journey home.  With a couple of birthdays to celebrate, there were little wrapped parcels in all directions.  Happy Birthday to both Moira and Helen.

It was rather like a knitting circle, with the click clack of needles as three of the ladies were busy knitting.  Mary was trying to decipher a pattern from a pretty lacy scarf made years ago, that seemed rather a challenge to me and I think I would have taken the easy way out and looked for a similar design.  But knowing Mary, she is sure to work it out.  Heather B had completed her colourful scarf which she was working on last time we met, and was now busy knitting a black scarf for her daughter.

Heather had finished this scarf and started another

And Carol had almost finished this little jumper for charity, it will certainly keep some little person toasty and warm.

By Carol, almost finished

There was some quilty Show and Tell too.  Helen was just finishing hand stitching the binding down on this turquoise quilt for her nephew’s 21st birthday.

Helen’s quilt for her nephew

And I certainly remembered Heather B‘s cat quilt “Sophistikitties” from earlier get-togthers.  Now completed, with fabric pens adding a little colour to the cats,  it is backed with warm and cozy fleece.  Looks like one for the Hope Chest.

Heather B’s Sophistikitties quilt

Moira had a quilt top to show as well.  After purchasing a Layer Cake from Grandmother's Garden recently, she came up with this lovely design, adding a few of her own fabrics to the mix.

Moira’s Layer Cake quilt top

As for me, I was working on even more yo-yos.  Yes, I’ve admitted that they are not really my thing, and I haven’t yet completed my Snowman yo-yo design, but I felt the need to start another one.  Wonder was these are going to be?

Even more yo-yos


Tired Teacher said...

What fun it must be to stitch as you visit with this group of ladies. I love all of the Show &Tell projects.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like a fun group - I would love to knit and know the basic easy stitch but never finish anything I start - I started a shawl about 2 years ago and it is still in the basket and the last time I checked it looked more like an afghan! YoYo's aren't my thing either and I don't think I have ever made one!

Maria said...

Your Sew Wot ladies are very talented. Beautiful all the finishes.

Janice said...

What a lovely range of finishes. I do wonder what those yo yos will become.

loulee said...

I always enjoy seeing the sew wots posts, there is always so much to see.