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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Town and Country Quilters April Club Night

The weather had turned wintry, the temperatures had plummeted, meaning the the numbers were down a little at our evening Club Night.  But plenty of keen quilters put their coats on, braved the elements and came along.

I love the Show and Tell component of the meeting, always the highlight, I feel.  It’s so nice to see what the members have been working on, and to come away with new ideas.  I was in the queue too waiting to have my moment on the stage, so didn’t have time to take notes as to who had made what,  I’m sorry to say.    Here are a few snaps of the quilts hanging in the Supper Room.

A statement on Elephant conservation

Butterfly quilt

My quilt/tablecloth commemorating our South Island caravan trip.

Amazing hydrangea quilt

Instead of a speaker this month we had presentations from the three local quilt shops, we are so fortunate to have three passionate quilt shops in our local area.  It was gadget night, and what a variety there was, each shop owner brought along completely different items to show and explain.  There was everything from rulers, stencils, frames for FMQ, an amazing super slim light box and photo fabric to use in the printer.  Lots of useful low key items too, such as spray starch, iron cleaner, (I definitely need a bottle of that), double eyed needles, (who would have known they exist) and the good old Hera marker which has been around for a while, but another item I could well use. 

It was a very interesting night indeed, and well worth braving the conditions to attend.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I keep saying I need to try the Hera Marker and I haven't gotten it still. How ever in the world did the flower quilt get made I wonder - such a wonderful 3D movement in it - well be a wonderful wall hanging I'm sure

Tired Teacher said...

The gadget/notions program would be interesting. I rarely look in that section of shops because I don't know how over half of them are used.

The photos of Show & Tell are fascinating: I love them all for different reasons.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I am glad you braved the chill to share with us.....loved the show and tell xx

Janice said...

I’m always amazed at the talent within your group. It would have been good to see the different gadgets. Some are just a gimmick, but some really do make life easier.

crazyquilter said...

Love the elephant block.

The hydrangea piece is pretty stunning too.

Great to be able to share things like this within a group.