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Thursday, April 26, 2018

I need a new List

With a couple of finishes lately I needed to write a new list of my UFOs.  What to add – that was the question?  I rummaged around the crates hiding in the wardrobe and pulled out some UFOs to add to my list.  Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that I will never run out of things to do.  As well as familiar projects lurking in the depths of the crates, there were also some that I barely remembered.  I selected one large project and one smaller one, as I like to have a bit of variety.

So my List of Six now reads:

1:  Animal ABC Quilt.  Top and backing completed and pinned ready to quilt.
2:  Horse Quilt No 2.  Haven’t touched this one for quite some time, so will be good to get on with it.
3:  Kite Quilt – replaces 1930s Baby (Girl)  Quilt – one for a boy this time.
4:  English Memory Quilt, from our trip in 2008.  Replaces Soul Searching which is with the quilter.
5:  Christmas Stitchery.  Blocks all stitched, ready to assemble.
6:  Yo Yo’s.  I’m tired of then hanging about so decided to “just do it”. 

Six projects, ready and waiting

I didn’t “Roll the Dice” this week, decided instead to catch up with other things.  My Quilt Documentation folders are now up to date.  I’ve traced off a couple more stitchery designs, written two “real” letters to pen friends, made a pot of soup, and done some baking for our weekend away, leaving Thursday, back on Sunday. 

Wednesday 25th was Anzac Day, celebrated both  here in New Zealand and in Australia.  It’s the day we remember those who fought in the wars, and particularly those who didn’t return.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes I need to go over my list of quilts I am working on and decide are they going to be finished? Do I really want them the size I was going to do them or turn into a wall hanging!

Nancy J said...

Love the ceramic poppy. Huge crowd in Wellington, I tried so hard to find our grandson there, but even at 6'2" plus tall, when I thought I would see him, he didn't wave to me!!! I think it is wonderful that the younger generation are so respectful of their family members who fought overseas in whatever capacity. My Dad was in what they called the " Home Guard" as he had a dairy farm that was town supply, and milked cows every day of the year. I can remember him shining the brass buttons on his jacket, the sugar lumps wrapped in paper, that came from the US men stationed at Seagrove, a small aerodrome on private family farmland acquired for that purpose. . After the war, some years later , the land was returned to the Clark family. There was talk that one night some farmers went there, took a bulldozer, and flattened all the hills and humps on their farm, and returned it the next day. Not on my Dad's farm, but further up the road.

Tired Teacher said...

Yes, our UFOs will keep us busy for a loooong time. Soon, I'll need to start a new list as well. Love the photo of your "new" project bags on the bench.

God Bless all the men who fought and died to keep everyone else safe and free.

Karen S said...

I think it would be so boring to run out of things to do. Hope i always have a list a mile long!