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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Off to a Good Home

I guess, like me, that you may have wondered what to do with some of your quilts?  Older ones, but still quite acceptable, with lots of use still in them.  I had several single bed quilts, but no beds for them.  And then I discovered from my Sew Wot friend Mary that the local Woman’s Refuge will gladly accept such items.

Four single bed quilts going to new homes

So I’ve been pulling things out of cupboards and having a good clean out.  There are the quilts of course, plus some woolen blankets too.  With my family long gone, I really don’t know why I’ve been hanging onto the blankets all these years.  I found some winter flannelette sheets to pass on - they are all bundled up ready to go to a good home, keeping families warm over winter.  The refuge may use them at their house, or perhaps pass them on to the ladies when they move out to other accommodation, whatever they think is best.

Warm bedding for winter

And yes, I still have bedding, blankets and a quilt or two for our spare bed for visitors.  The only thing we haven't got in fact, is the bed itself – we’ve ordered a new one and it’s on it’s way, we’ve been told.  But that’s another story.


Nancy J said...

it is such a good feeling to donate winter woollies, and at this time of the yeae, they are even more appreciated.

Tired Teacher said...

This bedding will be greatly appreciated. I love the orange blanket.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your black and greys are very smart looking, Jenny. What a great plan for these extra linens. Your quilts I'm sure will be especially appreciated.

Kate said...

Your generous donation will be well received Jenny - that's a nice warm fuzzy feeling isn't it. :)

HEATHER B said...

lovey to have a clear out knowing your donations are going to a good cause. Nice one.Jenny

You are well on the way to another quilt with all those extra ones. A super start. look forward to seeing the progress.

Maria said...

What a wonderful pile of warm quilts , blankets and sheets for a few families that need to be keep warm.
fabulous Jenny.