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Sunday, June 18, 2017

He talks quilt talk

The conversation went like this:
Him – you’ve got lots of strips on the bed – what are you making?
Her – that’s a new quilt for us, and those are my leader and ender strips.
Him – I know what leader and enders are, you talk about them often enough!
Isn’t that sweet – he can talk quilt talk!

And the strips in question are these, all stitched as leaders and enders, as DH knows. 

Something I prepared earlier – as the TV cooks say

This week I’m working on stitching a few more Soul Searching blocks together.  Although I’m sewing straight seams, there are a lot of pieces.  I like to lay them out on top of the bed to make sure I have them in the correct order, using a completed block for reference.  Then I pin them in pairs, sew them up, pin some more and make sure I have the strips right side up and not back to front.  Yes, I have done that previously, and had to unpick.

With some dedicated sewing time slotted in this week, I’m pleased that I’ve got three more blocks stitched together.  I’ve done lilac, pale pink, and bright pink blocks.  These are quite big blocks at 29in square.  So far, that’s six blocks stitched, and six more to go.

Three more Soul Searching blocks completed

It was nice to use some more of the pale pink fabrics which part of my daughter’s 50th Birthday quilt a couple of years ago.  But as for those lilacs, that’s a whole different story.  I cut these strips from a (yet another) long forgotten UFO which I started umpteen years ago, put it away, and forgot all about it.  And rediscovered when I was looking for more lilac fabrics.  Maybe one day it will get a chance to get worked on again when it finally ends up on my List of Six.


Nancy J said...

lovely shades Jenny, this is going to be a real beauty. And is it for your own bed?

Tired Teacher said...

The blocks look great!

I love that your husband is picking up some quilting terms and talks with you about your craft.

Maria said...

Beautiful blocks made from your Leaders and Enders , that hubby knows about...LOL.
Can't wait to see all the blocks sewn together...

maggie fellow said...

I have this quilt on my "maybe someday" list. I look forward to your progress

Karen said...

Very pretty blocks. I would like to these blocks. Where can I find the pattern?

Janice said...

Great progress. It is looking good. Don't you love it when hubbies understand our jargon.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What great hints to care for our machines. Like you, I am extremely reluctant to play with the tension dials. I'm loving how these colourful blocks are coming together; I guess you could do the same thing with much smaller pieces too. A great way to use up scraps. I'm not surprised Robin is aware of quilting terms. I watched a great video of a cross stitcher questioning her husband about her hobby. He did amazingly well and it was funny too.

PaulaB quilts said...

How nice to find some long forgotten pieces that just fit in beautifully with your new quilt blocks. It will be new, but filled with memories as well. I like the big block idea, done so much faster. My own new summer quilt is 15 inch blocks, and treated myself to my first long armed quilt. May you both enjoy it and your new home for many years to come.