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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What’s wrong with this picture?

I can’t believe that I made such a mistake – can you see what I’ve done?  Sewn each handle on the front and back of my bag, instead of attaching one on the front and one on the back.  It’s no good leaving them this way, as the bag gapes open when it is carried.

I put the handles on incorrectly

So instead of celebrating my finish, I’ve got to spend some time with my unpicker instead.  I felt so good when I put the final line of top-stitching  around the bag opening – but now it all needs to be pulled apart, take the lining out, and reposition the straps.  Then put it back together again.

I hate unpicking!!!!


Nancy J said...

So easy to do that.Pity it is all top stitched as well. All OK here.

Katie said...

I feel your pain! It’s so easy to do silly things like that. :-)

Kate said...

That's a bummer. Maybe set it aside for another roll of the dice to unpick and resew.

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comments, I should have known better at my age!! So it's unpicking all afternoon for me.

nestki said...

I call that "sewing." I do almost every step twice, yet I still love to sew.

HEATHER B said...

Yes we have all been there and done something similar. But its only Tuesday so do you roll the dice again??? great to read the comings and goings over the holidays and catch up with your quilting again./ cheers HeatherB

Janice said...

Blast! Don't you hate that. At last it is fixable,not like when I boxed a bag and cut the corner sections out only to discover I had it upside down and cut the top of the bag design. That one couldn't be fixed.