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Monday, January 30, 2017

It’s been a while

A new week – a new roll of the dice, and a new UFO project to work on.  This week it is number 2, my stitchery bag, it’s been a while since this one has been called up.  And here it is, all rolled up.  Wonder where I got up to last time I worked on it?

Number 2, it’s your turn this week

I unrolled it to see where I had left this project.  Oh yes, I remember now.  The embroidered panel was a gift (several years ago) from my pen-friend Carol who lives in South Dakota.  She had stitched a design of a quilt shop onto thicker needled batting, and I thought it would be perfect for the front of a tote bag. 

All the components

Previously I had cross hatched machine quilted some blue fabric for the back of the bag, and constructed two handles.  And found some pink fabric in my stash for the lining.   Next step – put it all together.  That’s what I’ll be doing this week.


Nancy J said...

This is looking so good.

Kate said...

Enjoy putting it all together and sharing your finish with us. :)