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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oops – Christmas not completely packed away

We are off on another road trip tomorrow, so I’ve been traipsing in and out of the caravan with clothes and provisions.  I thought I’d previously taken all the Christmas things inside – but what’s this still hanging about?  For a start there were the two rather knock kneed Rudolph stockings, which get hung each side of our caravan bed.  After I’d stitched the first one, I decided that I really needed to make another for Robin!  He’s thinks they are a bit strange, but I rather like them.

Two Rudolph (stuffed) stockings

And still hanging on the wall at the foot of the bed were two small Christmas stitcheries I had made some time ago.  Down they came and these last remaining vestiges of Christmas have now been packed away in the crates.

Two Christmas stitcheries made for the caravan

You would think after all this time, and all these trips away, we would be experts at packing the caravan quickly and efficiently.  We do try, but it always seems to take ages.  And I have to make sure that my stitching bag gets packed, as well as a couple of library book – both very necessary in my view. 

Caravan packing day

We are off to a Country Music Festival, a first time for us, so it should be fun.  And when we return home I really want to get reacquainted with my UFOs and start sewing again.  I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms!


Nancy J said...

Enjoy some music, and the stitching, it's always so good to have some packed away.

Kate said...

Country Music Festival - now that's a fun adventure ... enjoy. I think your reindeer are adorable.

Janice said...

You will have to replace your reindeers with cowboy hats and western boots. Have fun at the music festival. I'm sure that after all this time you will have things down pat with your packing.

Raewyn said...

Hope you're having a fun weekend Jenny! I do like those Christmas stockings and hangings you've just packed away - very cute. PS I just found another hanging on the wall - I thought I'd put everything away as well!