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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ready to go again

We are now home from our latest caravan trip  of 12 days which took us to the Music Festival, Moata Farm and Kahutara, all  in the Wairarapa.  The weather ranged from hot, warm, very windy, blowing a gale, wild and stormy, and snow on the mountains.  Quite a variety of weather indeed in January, when it is meant to be mid summer.  We enjoyed the sun some days, sheltered from the wind on others, and got severely buffeted by the strong winds when I wondered if the caravan would survive the night without getting blown over!

Wairarapa sunset

I’m now ready to go again, and start sewing again with my new updated “List of Six”.  And here are my current projects, all lined up, ready and waiting for me.  Some have been on the list a while and worked on when their numbers came up, a couple have been on the list and have been waiting patiently for the dice to roll, and there is one new addition.

My new List of Six

No 1:  Animal ABC quilt – this hasn’t been called up yet so far.
No 2:  Stitchery Bag – almost there, just needs all the parts assembled now.
No 3:  Winter Welcome wall-hanging – another project waiting for a call.
No 4:  Candlewick quilt – I’ve worked on this several times, blocks and borders to finish.
No 5:  Xmas Stars and Nine Patches – top is completed, all pinned up and ready for quilting.
No 6:  Polka Dot Apron – a new project to replace the caravan apron finished for Xmas.

I’ll be rolling the dice tomorrow morning – wonder which project I’ll be working on this week?


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I noticed your hat in a former post, Jenny. It looks like serious sun protection.I too don't wear shorts anymore, not that I wore them much due to my thighs. Smile Anyway, happy continued travels and you are so organized with your list of 6, so happy stitching too!

Janice said...

We wait with baited breath....