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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nostalgia Class

Everything was ready for my all day class.  The sewing machine had been unhooked from my sewing cabinet and packed away in the case – remembering to put in the foot control and the power cord.  I’d gathered together my embroidered doily, various pieces of fabric, batting, calico, threads, pins, scissors, Vilene – did I remember everything?  Needed to take my cutting board and rulers too.

P8080002 Ready for my class

And I mustn’t forget my lunch.  It was a cold and wintery day so I took some tasty pumpkin soup in my small thermos, and made some tasty egg sandwiches.  That should do nicely.  Tea and coffee will be provided, so I didn’t need to worry about drinks.  Making a packed lunch reminded me of all those working years when I went out the door bright and early with my lunch in my bag.

P8080001Sustenance for the day

Arriving at the hall I soon claimed a space, set up my sewing machine, and cluttered up the table with all my bits and pieces.  Griet Lombard, our tutor was laying out her samples in the front of the room.  The class was all about using doilies and vintage linen and Griet had the most amazing examples to show us. 

P8080003 Griet, with Val and Ruby checking out the examples

After some words of wisdom from the tutor we were all keen to get started.  One lady had brought along her Mum’s wedding gown to cut up and use, but the advice was to do a practice block or two before cutting up such a treasure.  I needed a little help to get started, and had planned to use this doily, with the added stitched words,  on the front of a bag.  But no, you just can't plonk it right in the middle, I was told, it needs to be off centre.  Oh dear – I “don’t do” asymmetrical!  But perhaps this once I will give it a try – after all, we were being shown the ropes by an amazing tutor.

P7280003  Vintage doily

So I had a change of plan, and with a little help, came up with a different idea.  How about a leafy branch and a bird up here, and arrange the doily artistically  in the lower corner?  By the time I arrived back home, all I had to show for my day out sewing was this.  But the plan is to work away diligently  on my bag, otherwise it will get put away and join the ranks of UFOs already in residence in my sewing room.

P8090012 The start of my bag

Most of the ladies were doing much smaller blocks, using doilies, lace, and parts of embroidered linen.  Maureen decided to add one of our tutor’s signature birds too, and there is a block with another version of the bird pinned up on the wall behind her.

P8080009Maureen and her block.

The day ended, and we all packed up, locked up the hall and headed home.  I’m sure the others were just like me with their heads spinning with ideas and just raring to continue stitching.  It was a great class with a wonderful sharing tutor and good company.

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

What a great opportunity to attend a class like that Jenny. I guess there is real skill and creativity involved in combining the old with the new so it looks special. I've seen lots of examples of old crochet or lace being used but only little snippets of it. Anyway, always good to try something new.