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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Ready for the Big Day

The years have rolled by, and it seems hard to believe that my little girl was born nearly 50 years ago.  Tomorrow is the big day, when the birthday quilt will be presented.  But first I needed to stitch the label on the back.  It was such a lovely Spring day today  that I sat outside in the sunshine to complete this last task.  Muffy came outside to join me for a few minutes, but now she is such an old cat, really prefers the comforts of being curled up inside.

P8270021 Stitching the label on the back of the quilt

There were a few spare blocks left over so I added them to the quilt backing. 

P8270024The back of the quilt

P8270028All wrapped up for the birthday lunch tomorrow

There will be an extra gift as well.  I organised a photo book on the internet using photos from baby days, school days, teenage years, up to the present time.  A bit like “This is Your Life”, and it’s all about her, as it should be on such a big occasion.

P8270026   Photo book

We are meeting up tomorrow for a family lunch – I do hope she likes her new quilt!


Nancy J said...

A quilt and a book, what a wonderful day and perfect way to celebrate.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

A quilt made by Mom....she will love it. And a lovely compilation of her life in photos, she will love that too. Lucky girl!

NickiJ said...

I hope your daughter had a special day yesterday celebrating her milestone. I believe the two gifts you were giving her, a beautiful quilt and photo book, will be ones she will treasure for a long time to come. Beautiful treasures made with love.

Jasmine said...

What a beautiful quilt for a special birthday.