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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Calicoe Garden – the Birthday Quilt

The big day finally arrived – surely it can’t be 50 long years ago since my beautiful daughter arrived?  Just where have those years gone, I wondered?  We were having a small family lunch at the rather grandly named Orlando Country Club in Palmerston North.  Before we sat down at our table, there were gifts to open.  I had organised one of those on line photo books and Nicky and her best friend Heather had a laugh looking through all the old photos.  Especially the one where she took part in a school play dressed up as a pine tree!
P8280034 Heather and Nicky looking through the photo book
Then the birthday quilt was unwrapped and studied.  Nicky had asked for dusky pinks and grey-green tonings, with plain cream calicoe on the alternate blocks.  I had decided to appliqué some leaves onto the plain blocks in various green fabrics, and am really pleased how it all came together. 
P8280037 Nicky’s husband Robert, Heather, and Nicky
P8280042Three generations - Grand-daughter Emma (I don’t like getting my photo taken so I’m I’m not going to smile), Nicky and me.
We had lovely tasty lunches – our choices ranged from Eggs Benedict, Burgers, Paninis.  And we couldn’t let the celebrations go by without a big piece of cake each, mine was Lemon Cake and was so delicious.  After lunch we went our separate ways, Robert and Emma went back to work, Nicky’s Dad (my ex) and his wife travelled on to Tauranga, Nicky and Heather were continuing on their girls day out with a massage each, and Robin and I made our way back home.
P8260009 Calicoe Garden
I was really pleased with the commercial quilting done by Paula of Rabbit’s Patch Quilting.  I had asked for each green leaf to be quilted with veins, and then left the rest of the quilting up to her.  Paula quilted a large flower in each of the nine patch blocks, did half a feather around the edge of the calicoe blocks and then stippled the interiors.  The outside floral border had feathers, and all the quilting was done free hand.  I think she did a wonderful job!
P8260010 Close up of the quilting
Now that the birthday quilt is completed and gifted – what shall I work on next?  I’ve got plenty of UFOs to choose from.


NickiJ said...

The birthday quilt looks awesome! And so huge, how huge? I am working on a 9-patch at present and will be putting love-hearts in-between the patches. I loved how your grand-daughter didn't smile!! You must be standing back now and thinking to yourself what a grand project that was.

Maria said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your DD.. I can see why she loves her special quilt. It's awesome.

I am sure you have already found a project to work on.

Frances Leate said...

A beautiful quilt for a very special person - you must feel very proud of both. Take care

Katie said...

It’s amazing how those years creep up. Lovely quilt and lovely family. :-)

Unknown said...

Following you from the heart of the Midwest in the U.S. I just wanted to say that I was amazed to see your quilt for your daughter. I love the colors (some of my favorites). She is very lucky to have a Mom that can make something so special.

loulee said...

The leafy quilt turned out beautiful. The quilting in lovely.

Jenny said...

Thank you all, for your kind comments. A quilt like this is always a labour of love.