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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sew Wot Tuesday Morning

Another fortnight has rolled around and it was time for the Sew Wot ladies to meet up again.  Heather kindly gave me a lift, and we were surprised to see an errant sheep running across the road.  I didn’t realise that there were sale yards down by the railway track, and this sheep obviously didn’t want to go to a new home.  Just hope the two men running hell for leather after the poor frightened animal managed to reach it before it ran across the very busy SH1 and caused an accident.

As usual, there was plenty of talking going on, and a little hand sewing.  Our hostess Mary was finishing off a pretty pinafore for one of her grandchildren, while Rae and Moira got on with their embroidery.  There was just a little show and tell.  Pam was busy stitching down the binding on a wall-hanging she had just finished for her son, and held it up for us to see.  This panel has been  beautifully commercially quilted by Paula of Rabbits Patch Quilting.  Paula’s quilting really made the horses come alive.

P5130004 Pam with her horse quilt

Helen had a finished quilt to show us too.  She related how her grandson had been staying and had spotted a quilt on the cover of a magazine which he liked – but not the colours shown in the picture.  Helen sent him along to her stash to pick out which colours he would like.  And this is the result.  For someone so young, he’s obviously got quite an eye for colour.  Helen is a very talented quilter too, and she used variegated thread on this quilt.

P5130005 Quilt for Helen’s grand-son

P5130006Just look at that quilting

I had a little show and tell too, but knitting, not quilting.  Recently I had been given some part rolls of knitting cotton and  have made several cotton dusters.  These are from a pattern I found on the Make it Do blog, an interesting blog which is full of sewing, cooking and household hints. The pattern I used is “Aunt Ev’s Favourite Dish Cloth”.  It is knitted corner to corner and it nice easy mindless knitting which can be done while watching TV without having to concentrate.  This type of cotton knitting yarn is quite expensive to buy here in New Zealand, so I was pleased to make use of the part rolls and give this pattern a try.  The bright pink one is the first one I tried and I used a part ball of acrylic yarn I was given.  Much too nice for dishes, I’m going to use mine as dusters.

P5130007 Hand knitted dusters

The Sew Wot hostess always puts on a tasty morning tea, so that is a standard I have to achieve when my turn rolls around again.  Thanks ladies, it was lovely to catch up with you all again.

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SueBK said...

I love variegated thread for quilting. I often use it on multi-coloured/scrappy quilts when I can't decide what colour/s would work best.