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Friday, May 16, 2014

A little mending – and an Op Shop bargain

“Can you fix this?”, Robin asked in a plaintive voice.  He had been wielding the carving knife and obviously hadn’t been paying close attention.  It sliced right through the cuff of his jumper.  It’s lucky he didn’t cut his wrist.

P5120003 How did he do this?

So I stitched it up as best I could - it’s not an invisible mend, but at least his jumper is wearable once again.  It’s his favourite, purchased in Scotland during our last UK trip.

I had other mending to do too, once more fix the pockets on a pair of Robin’s shorts.  I did it differently this time, when my neighbour told me how she used to tackle this problem.  Just slice off the bottom of the inside pocket which has worn, use this bit to cut a new piece to shape, and stitch back on.  It worked a treat, and the pocket was repaired in a much shorter time.

Today I popped down to the local Hospice Shop and came across a bargain.  Two bags of knitting cotton at $2 a bag.  So now I will get the needles out again and knit up a few more dusters.  That will keep me quiet for a while.

P5160009 Knitting cotton from the Op Shop

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Love a good op shop find!