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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fashion in the Afternoon

There was a ticket going spare to Ballantynes Fashion Parade at Summerset Retirement Home, just down the road from our village.  So I didn’t need too much persuasion to go along with a couple of other ladies and see what was new in the winter fashion stakes.  The clothes were provided by the local Ballantynes shop, and the models and compere were Summerset residents.  Visitors and residents all gathered in the recreation room, eagerly waiting for the show to start.

A nice selection of winter jackets, trousers, knitwear, tops, skirts, scarves and jewellery were paraded up and down the red carpet.  Later in the show we saw some lighter floaty jackets, just right for an evening out on the town.  Seeing the garments modelled on more mature ladies instead of stick thin girls made it easier to visualise if these items would suit ourselves.  Black seems to be very “in” this year, on it’s own or combined with red or white, and lots of teal blue, I noticed.


P5060011 Models for the day

A short musical interlude was provided by members of the Summerset Choir.  My friend Robyn was involved, she must have been a ring-in as she is not a resident.  A lovely rendition of “Danny Boy” was sung by Brian, with Vaughn on guitar, and the ladies providing the background harmony.

P5060014 Singing Danny Boy, with my friend Robyn third from the left

The raffles for a $50 voucher were drawn, but it wasn’t my lucky day.  Then a delicious afternoon tea was served, just scrummy.  All in all a very enjoyable afternoon.

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June said...

Thanks for sharing this Jenny - I shall have to visit my local Ballentynes to get a good look at some of these jackets, they look so smart!