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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sew Wot Morning

It was a rather elite gathering yesterday, with just four of us able to attend.  Two of our ladies were away on holiday, (lucky things) one up north and one down in the South Island.  But it was still very nice to catch up with those who were there.  Conversation soon turned to the storm which had hit our town, with flooding causing roads to be closed, and branches blown off trees.  It must have been a whopper, and it all happened while we were out of town over Easter.

Hand stitching was the order of the day, with Moira starting a new embroidery, Heather was working on crazy patch blocks, and I continued on my very slow moving cushion cover.  Our hostess Moira was the only one with Show and Tell.   First she showed us a table runner which is a gift for a friend, all pinned ready for quilting.  This was a kit from Grandmother’s Garden, the lovely shop I visited for the first time while we were up in Hamilton.  Moira was very impressed with the amount of Jinny Beyer fabric supplied in the kit, enough to make the runner without skimping, and quite a reasonable amount left over to add to her stash.

P4290022 Table runner

Next was a small quilt to go over the end of the bed – do you call them bed runners perhaps?  Moira does beautiful hand embroidery, and this is just lovely.  There she is being rather shy with the camera, just peeping over the top.
P4290023 Moira’s bed runner

We all chatted nineteen to the dozen, did a little stitching, and put the world to rights,  Enjoyed a delicious morning tea too, of course.  Thanks ladies, I really enjoy our regular Sew Wot mornings.

P4290024Another example of Moira’s lovely work

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